Welcome to another Wacky Wednesday project – rock art.


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The indoor rock collection

I’ve chosen this project in honour of  Old Rock Day.

There really is a day for every occasion but this one is a big hit because it means the Goddesses have a special excuse to play with rocks and it’s one of their favourite things to do.

No matter that they have a room full of toys and books plus an art teacher Grandy who has all manner of arts and crafts supplies, at every opportunity the little Goddesses love to go outside and play with the pebbles and rocks in the garden.

When they are not playing with the rocks outside, they can often be found playing with the pretty stone and crystal collection inside.

I have 8 rock related projects to share today.



rock your world

‘Strawberry’ – the pet rock

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Pet Rock

Rock play wouldn’t be complete without offering the wonderful pet rock project. These are the pets to have when you’re not having a pet. I’m sure we’ll have better luck with these pets than Crazy Crabs – The Day I Got Crabs.

Anyone else wish they had the nous to become multi-millionaires in a matter of months by selling rocks?

This is what California advertising man Gary Dahl managed when he came up for the idea to produce those funny little pets in 1975.

They came with their own personalities and even a trainer’s manual and sold for $4 US each. Within six months 1.5 million pet rocks had been sold before the fad started to wane.




  • Rocks – any shape but the original pets were made with smooth rocks
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Embellishments – googly eyes, material scraps etc.
  • Imagination
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It’s fun drawing the face onto your pet rock

  • Examine the rock to determine what accessories would suit it most.
  • Draw on hair, eyes (if you are not using googly eyes) mouth and nose (optional)
  • Glue on accessories – make a tie out of material, fashion some glasses out of wire.
  • Name your new pet.

No need to worry about food and vet bills for this one!



These are really sweet and can be hidden around the garden (particularly in the fairy garden) or, if you’re feeling generous, scatter a few in parks to surprise and delight other children.

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An artist at work


  • Rocks
  • Nail Polish
  • Glue
  • Glitter


  • Paint the rocks with bright coloured nail polish – this lasts much longer than paint.
  • Add glue and then glitter.
  • You can add details with markers if you choose.
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paint the rocks with nail polish

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Adding the glitter is the best bit


These are such a fun and clever way to help kids recognise letters and even spell out words.

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Letter and number stones can be used for word and spelling games

  •  Rocks – lots – up to 100
  • Markers

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  • Write one letter of the alphabet on each rock with the marker. NB: I followed the Scabble game letter distribution to get the maximum enjoyment out of word games with the rocks.


  • Help your child use the rocks to spell out their name and other words.




This is very similar to the letter stone craft, using numbers instead. I started with 10 rocks and numbered each one. Then you can play all kinds of counting games and help children understand how groups go together to make a total.



I always love to play this game.

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No need to spend money on the store bought game when you can make your own

  • Piece of cardboard
  • 12 rocks
  • Markers
  • Ruler




  • Mark 6 rocks with an ‘X’ and the other 6 with ‘O’.
  • With the help of the ruler, mark out the grid on the cardboard, making three rows across and three rows down.


Each player has six matching rocks – Xs or Os.

Take it in turns to place your rocks on the grid, trying to form a line of your symbols.

The first one with a row of their symbol is the winner.




This one is too much fun!

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Rock and Roll Painting



  • Rocks
  • Paints
  • Large foil or plastic flat-bottomed dish
  • Paper


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Cover the rocks in different coloured paints

  • Place the paper in the bottom of the dish
  • Cover the rocks in different coloured paints
  • Place the rocks on top of the paper in the dish
  • Shake the container from side to side and create beautiful artwork.
rock your world picture

Beautiful artwork using rocks



I bought the Goddesses sidewalk chalk to draw on the cement floor of their play shed outside. They enjoyed this but had even bigger fun drawing on the big rock outside the shed.

Another fun thing to do is create a picture with rocks and chalk – use a rock as a spider body, then use the chalk to draw legs.

rock your world picture

We made this little bird picture using rocks for the bodies. We used home-made paper and a twig frame for an extra natural feel.



Nothing like a bit of rock bling to put the smile on a Goddess face. These are sweet and easy to make

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Rock necklace



  • Rocks
  • Wire – make sure it’s thick enough to be easily wound by little ones without being so thin it breaks.
  • Leather strips – or you could use ribbon.
  • Craft glue




  • Wrap the wire around the rock enough to keep it in place but not cover it completely.
  • Ensure it is wrapped tightly but leave a little space between the top of the rock and the wire about half way through wrapping.
  • When you are happy with the way the wire looks, finish with a dot of craft glue.
  • Thread the leather, or ribbon through the little space you left at the top of the rock.

I hope you’ll have some fun with these projects. Be sure to share and let me know how you went in the comments.

Happy crafting and have a gleeful week, Tamuria.