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We are surrounded by colour and though we may be unaware, it has the power to affect our moods, our choices, our skills and even our health.

It can be difficult to take full control of our lives with these ‘hidden’ influences at play.

Understanding the energy that colours emit, and helping our kids do the same, is the first step towards regaining that control.

colour control picture

We know that we need light in order to survive. Colour is light of varying wavelengths and these different frequencies can be used to heal mental and physical issues.

In fact, colour therapy is a powerful and non-invasive treatment that dates back thousands of years to India, China and Egypt.

We know light enters through our eyes but it can also enter through our skin. As colour is light of varying frequencies, it is believed that certain colours can activate hormones and create chemical reactions when entering the body.

Some people looking at the colour red had an increased heartbeat, leading to extra adrenaline being pumped into the bloodstream, according to some studies.

Blue, on the other hand, tends to have a calming effect which can lower blood pressure.


With that in mind, a little understanding of the effects colour can have on our moods, motivation, spending habits, perceived image, communication, and even our appetites, can go a long way towards creating a better life through colour control.


Bright colours such as yellow and orange, are considered happy colours. By wearing them you could improve your social life by attracting people to you. It is estimated that colour of the clothes you wear can influence first impressions by up to 90 percent.

colour control picture

Yellow helps to release serotonin, the neurotransmitter associated with happiness. Yellow enhances concentration and energy levels. However, too much yellow can lead to fatigue and confusion.

When you combine the passion, power and love associated with red, with the happy tones of yellow, you get orange. Orange is a mood enhancer which increases mental abilities and in some cases, appetite.

The combination of red, yellow and orange is often used in restaurants and food packaging as it is believed to enhance appetite.

Research at the University of British Columbia shows that the colour blue enhances creativity and has a calming effect. Too much can lead the depression – ‘the blues’.

Red, on the other hand, helps you stay focused and has a positive effect on memory.

Green represents nature is especially popular at the moment, being the Pantone colour of the year.

It has a soothing effect on the eyes and has been shown to improve vision.

Black is associated with power and authority, knowledge and intelligence.

Purple symbolises royalty, luxury and sophistication as well as spirituality.

Pink, often associated with love and friendship, also has an amazing calming effect. Did you read my post, Why Pink is the New Blue?

Of course, colours signify different meanings depending on the country you are in.

For instance, white is a symbol of purity, peace, angels and cleanliness in western cultures.   In the East, however, it is associated with sorrow.


colour control picture

Colour perception is subjective and different colours will evoke different emotions within us.

You may find that some colours work well for you in one environment, but not another.

A simple exercise for colour awareness is to write down a list of colours – red, orange, yellow, green blue, purple, grey, white, black and brown, – then close your eyes and think about how each colour makes you feel. Write your answers next to each colour.

It’s a good idea to hold onto your list and repeat the exercise from time to time as your answers can change, depending on your mood and circumstances.

A popular art therapy exercise is to breathe in colour. To lift your mood, relax your body and focus on your breathing. Imagine letting go of all stress and concerns with each breath out. Imagine breathing in your favourite colours.

To gauge your mood and possible mental or emotional blocks, relax your body and concentrate on your breathing.

Ask yourself these questions;

What colour is your breath?

Is it flowing freely?

Does it change when it leaves your body?

What do the colours mean to you?


Understanding the effect different colours have on you means you can surround yourself with colours that will help to improve your life.

colour control picture

Most people are unaware of the profound effect colour has on their behaviour.

Kenneth Fehrman, co-author of the book, Color: The Secret Influence

You can work with colours to reduce stress. The popularity of adult colouring books proved how effective this activity is to relieve anxiety and increase inner harmony.

It works the same way for children too. Children can achieve stress relief by colouring as it focuses their mind on something else.

Encouraging children to spend time colouring in provides a host of benefits, such as improved fine motor skills, stimulating creativity and colour awareness, better handwriting, improved focus and coordination and self-expression.

You can help your children become colour aware with some fun creative activities.

Grab some paper, paint, brushes and water and let them mix the colours randomly to discover what they will make. It will usually end up a brown mess. 🙂

Next, replenish the supplies and direct their mixing so they can see how blue and yellow make green, red and yellow make orange, red and blue make purple and so on.

Introduce white paint into the mix so they can experience the power of lightening and darkening the colours.

With each colour they create, ask them how it makes them feel and record the answers. Those answers could impact your future decisions regarding the colour of their rooms, clothes and toys.

Come back for this week’s Wacky Wednesday projects which are all about colour.

Wishing you a colourful and gleeful week, Tamuria.


















  1. Tamuria,
    Color has lot of effect on how the posts are shared and liked. Many colors look good together. I sometimes use a color wheel to get the correct ones. It makes a big difference in the way we show our brands.

    Lori English

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