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“You have nipples, not napples”, our three-year-old granddaughter loudly proclaimed while we were standing in line at the grocery teller.

you have nipples picture

Just another day in Grandy-land and anyone who hangs around young children will enjoy the same entertainment as kids say the funniest things.

This little Goddess had just learned that those little things were indeed nipples, and not napples as she had thought, so she wanted to share this information with the world.

Did you know there are eight different kinds of nipples, not napples? I read about this recently and was truly fascinated. In fact, if you pop on over to  Laugh Lines   you can get a whole bunch of interesting information about nipples, not napples, and the mammary glands they’re attached to.

This isn’t actually a post about nipples, or napples, but about the funny, crazy things that kids come out with.

It is so much fun when they start having proper conversations and put their own unique take on words.

This same little Goddess told her Dad she got her ‘attitude from the shop’ when he asked her if she’d been good – she had been a bit challenging that day.

When she says to her Mum; “chill out Mum’ or “you need to concentrate” one wonders if she’s 30 instead if 3.

Four-year-old Goddess is all about the ‘other morrow’ at the moment. When we don’t understand what she means she impatiently exclaims; “you know, the back morrow”. Our adult brains finally catch up and realise this is how she is saying yesterday.

Her words have been making us laugh for a couple of years now.


When she was two she managed to get hold of her mother’s phone and order a pizza using the app on the phone.

What was truly impressive about this was that she was sitting in the hall by the front door and her mother asked her what she was doing. She said, “waiting for my pizza to arrive”.

It was not until that pizza did, in fact, arrive that it became clear she knew exactly what she’d done – mini genius!

A few months ago this same Goddess, now four – was doing some weird stretches on the lounge. Her mother asked her what she was doing. She said, “It’s yoga Mum, you wouldn’t understand”.

A few days ago she asked her Dad what was in a sauce bottle. He told her it was barbeque sauce. She said, “how do they get the barbecues in there”.

When she puts her words to music it’s even better. She wrote a love song for her parents after one of her uncles gave her a uke for her birthday.

Gotta love her parents for laughing about it, especially when she shared it with her daycare teachers and friends.

Her father was quite the songwriter when he was a tiny tot too. When he was about two I walked into his room to see him sitting on the floor singing, to a soulful little tune; “when is my life going to change”.

I had to wonder why, at age two and surrounded by love, he would need a life change.

I know it’s supposed to break your heart the first time you hear your child proclaim they hate you when you won’t give in. But when they go “bang, bang, big bang, I hate you” it’s pretty hard not to fall on the floor in a heap of laughter. And this from a boy who wasn’t even allowed to play with toy guns. Come to think about it, that’s probably why he hated me.

His older brothers added to the hilarity on many occasions.

Our middle son and his brothers had been learning all about theology from their grandmother and one day he proclaimed; “Gra (my Mum), Ashley hit me in the third eye”.

Not to be outdone, the oldest son told a friend; “Don’t love me so much. I’m not a cicada”. At that time those funny and extremely noisy insects were the greatest finds.

When his younger brother was just learning to speak, Ashley said he spoke “scribble talk”. Always the leader and organiser, Ash was quick to translate when we couldn’t get what his brother was saying.

So one day when I was really struggling to understand a sentence, Ash piped in with; ”Don’t you know how to say gaylo yet”? He was actually referring to Lego.


We’re waiting eagerly to hear the funny things our two-year-old Goddess has to say for herself. She was on speaking strike – probably wondering how she’d get a word in with such a talkative sister – and up until recently would only quack really loudly. She has now discovered the joys of talking and singing so more fun to come.

The most precious words to hear from your kids or grandkids is; ”I love you”. It’s even better when it’s; “Nan, I love you more than a teacup” – as one of my friends was told by her granddaughter.

Have you kept a record of all the cute and funny things your little ones say? Share some in the comments below.

Happy smiles, and have a gleeful week, Tamuria.




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  1. Lynn

    Cute…How come you don’t have a like button on your posts, you should!

  2. Oh my goodness! She actually ordered a pizza!? I better tell my daughter to HIDE HER PHONE from my grandsons. Too funny.

    Love the “third eye” quip. 😀

    Thank you for sharing this sweet and funny post in the GRAND Social! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Tamuria!
    Lisa at Grandma’s Briefs recently posted…100-percent male, plus GRAND Social No. 182 link party for grandparentsMy Profile

  3. I wish I had known how to order a pizza on my own at that age, Tamuria, my life would have been soooooo different. 😉

    I certainly have some nuggets from my time and a couple from my now teenage nephew who is quite the artist ( I think he takes after my Mom). When he was about 3 or 4 years old, we’d baby sit him while his parents went shopping and the best way to keep him busy was chicken mcnuggets, popcorn and pepsi plus lots of drawing sheets and crayons.

    My little Adonis would use my late dachshund Bruno as his Muse and could paint for hours. One of the paintings which I still have to give him when he is older and can appreciate his talent is of Bruno lying on his soft bed. The little one has actually painted the boy part in pink color and drops of yellow pee (Bruno was a really old dog and we used to have minor mishaps).

    Then he would explain the painting to us in Danish and I would translate it to my Mom who would burst into laughter.

    There is another little girl in our compound who is now a teenager who tried to teach her grandfather about the Nanny’s napples and got such a scolding from her Mom that I found it difficult to maintain a poker face while explaining to her how to apologize to her Mom and that no, she would not be thrown out of the house.
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted…How to follow your bliss with business successMy Profile

    • What wonderful memories Vatsala.That drawing of Bruno sounds like a real treasure.It’s lovely you have such happy memories attached to it. 🙂

  4. Delia

    I can’t believe she actually ordered pizza, oh my goodness! What a wonderful ball of awesomeness you have around, Tami! That’s why you’ll never grow old 😉
    Delia recently posted…10 ideas to keep your blog fresh during holiday seasonMy Profile

  5. These are priceless memories and I love your advice to make sure you write them down. My daughter is in her 30’s, however, one of the things that either endeared her to people, or had them wonder what was wrong with us to allow it, was how at around 2-years-old she started calling her father “Dougie boy”. She rarely called him daddy or dad, just “thanks Dougie boy’ or whatever other word went before that. She was precocious and clever and somehow all the attention was always on her. She had a tone in her voice that spoke volumes regardless of the words she was speaking. Thanks for sharing the smiles and laughs with us, Tami. Your kids and grandkids sound priceless and whoever coined the phrase “Kids say the darnedest things”, certainly got it right. Kids are unfiltered and spontaneous and I like to believe still in touch with the spiritual world and the elemental world, so some of the things they say are streaming to them without any buffering. It’s fun to have kids in our lives. Enjoy!

    • Beverley you are so right, it is fun to have kids in our lives, particularly when they are too young for an ‘edit’ button. I love that your daughter called her dad Dougie boy – so cute.

  6. rozbeads

    WE have great experiences with our 4-year-old only I wasn’t thoughtful enuf to write them down or remember. At least I really enjoy being with her. Love hearing about you and yours. Fun post.

    • It’s crazy how easy it is to forget – not matter how precious or funny the moment was at the time. My Mum wrote down a lot of our sons’ funny quips and I’m doing it for the grandkids as it seems there is never time for such luxuries when your own children are small.The most important thing is enjoying being with them. 🙂

  7. Lesa

    You can now order a pizza from Domino’s by tweeting a pizza emoji so I’m sure there will be more toddlers ordering pizza in the future, but maybe not with as much forethought as your granddaughter. Too funny.

    • Yes it’s getting easier all the time plus young kids are so savvy about using phones and all the apps – amazes me.

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