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That frantic search for a pencil or pen as I grab my bag, sunnies, keys and granddaughter in the race to get out the door and pick up her older sister from school. That’s me at least once a week.

Why the pencil or pen? To go with the little granddaughter’s drawing book – something to keep her occupied as we wait in the car for school to end. The earlier we leave, the better chance of finding a decent parking spot. But then, the longer we have to wait.

Why is it so hard to find a pen or pencil in a house occupied by journalists and art teachers? No idea. I think they hide. They take the granddaughter’s little drawing book with them.

Granted, it’s not the biggest problem in the scheme of things. In fact, now it’s not a problem at all because I’ve solved it with the wacky solution to creativity. Let me tell you how.



Do you know that feeling of frustration when, for about the fifth time in the space of 30 minutes, you’ve tried to tell your friend something during a café outing but your young child keeps interrupting?

Or that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when your child (or grandchild) is running around the waiting room like a maniac, tired of waiting for the doctor to appear. You cringe as you see the other clients look at you and wonder if they’ll judge you even more harshly if you resort to letting your child play with your smartphone.

Perhaps you haven’t yet experienced these anxious moments with your kids, you lucky, unique being.

However, anyone with kids will know all about the “are we there yet” chant. It usually begins about 10 minutes into the trip, maybe a little later for those geared up with smart screens in the back seat. Torture for adults on long drives.



What about finding the perfect gift for your kids and their friends? This can be another cause for anxiety for mums trying to tick all the boxes – affordable, environmentally friendly, fun, educational, different, creative, easy to wrap…….

You understand that creativity can make children smarter, stronger and happier, but maybe you don’t know where to start.




I’m thrilled to tell you I’ve come up with the wacky solution – The Wacky Pack, Smart Art Start, for ages 5 – 12.

This fun folder is packed with creative goodies and is compact enough to tuck away in your car, ready for ‘rescues’ when waiting for appointments or trying to get a few words in with friends.

The cardboard folder can double as a creativity tray on long trips and its rectangular shape makes it so easy to wrap.

The Wacky Pack – Smart Art Start includes three games (including Wacky’s ever-popular card game), three drawing challenges, a word search, maze, picture search and creative puzzle. It even has the template to create your own frame to display all the beautiful artwork.

The pencils and blank paper included ensures everything is provided for almost all of the activities – just a few activities require the use of scissors and glue, not included.



He’s playing The Wacky Workshops Creative Cube game.


The card and creative cube games, as well as the creative puzzle, are designed to be used time and time again, providing hours of creative fun for kids (and hopefully peace for parents).

All the activity sheets are printed on thin cardboard and the card deck is laminated, ensuring the cards can easily be reused.

Each activity has been tried and loved by Wacky Workshops students. Sometimes it’s hard to tear them away from the card game so we can do something else.

The activities are designed specially to promote creativity, imagination and focus.

Every pack is carefully put together by hand, making each one unique.

Little ones may need help with some of the activities, especially those that involve scissor use, but I’ve watched my younger students and grandchildren, even four-year-olds, have so much fun with The Wacky Pack. It has even helped improve reading skills for some, determined to play the card game without help from adults.

Parents of students who have trialled it have described it ‘beyond expectations’, “fun and educational’ and containing ‘everything you need’.


You can buy the Wacky Pack – Smart Art Start on Wacky’s shop page now for just $15.

Be sure to check out the page regularly as more packs, as well as PDF eBooks, art supplies and gifts certificates will be added.

Even better, sign up to the newsletter and be among the first to know when new products are added.

In the meantime, have a wonderfully wacky and gleeful week, Tamuria


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