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Are you happy where you are right now?

There are less than two weeks left of this year and it’s a good time to take stock and celebrate what you’ve achieved, acknowledge what you’ve learned and make a plan that incorporates unfulfilled goals and also the new ones.




You may think you’re too busy for this with days left before Christmas, but the days will just get busier and the new year will be upon us – it’s good to start with a plan and the plan is easier made when you work out your achievements and things that may need working on.

It is not a long process but it will help clear your head, give you focus and purpose and ensure you are heading in the direction you want to be.



Grab a pen and paper – it really helps to write it down and I do mean write, as opposed to typing as a very important brain connection, occurs when we write by hand.

Make some headings regarding the different aspects of your life such as body, spirit, head, heart, home, work.

For each heading ask yourself these questions.

  1. Are you happy where you are right now?
  2. If not, why?
  3. What can you do to improve this?
  4. Are there specific goals (with a deadline) you can make, related to your last answer?
  5. What are the 3 most important things you’ve learned about yourself this year?
  6. Name the 3 most important things you’ve learned about others this year.
  7. Name at least 1 reason to celebrate this year.

You may wonder why to bother with the last three questions but I’ll explain. When we are looking closely at ourselves we can be very critical, so it’s important to recognise and celebrate our wins. Examining what we’ve learned about ourselves and others can make an impact on our goals and what we actually want to achieve.

For instance, for the body, I would answer no to the first question because I’d like to lose weight which I’ll do with diet and exercise changes.


The 3 most important things I’ve learned about myself this year;
  1. I’m the only one who cares about this issue – my loved ones love me regardless.
  2. I don’t care about it as much as I did when I was younger.
  3. I prefer exercise to food sacrifice so increasing my lovely walks in the open air will be the easy part of achieving my goal.
The 3 most important things I’ve learned about others this year;
  1. Almost everyone has body issues, even those I perceive as perfect.
  2. Judgers will judge, regardless of how you look or behave.
  3. There is so much information out there as to how you should go about fitness and weight loss that it is totally confusing and you have to trust your own instincts –everyone is different.

One thing to celebrate would be that my love of bushwalking has been reignited this year and though the actual walking is great exercise, it is being in tune with nature that is helping me the most. (I might even add this one to my spirit and heart headings).

I’ve come out of this with a clear idea of what I want, also how important it is in the scheme of other things and how I can achieve it. More importantly, I feel happy because I’ve ended this exercise on a really positive note.


questions picture


When you’ve finished the specific lists then take a step back and answer those questions from a general, overall point of view. You will see what’s most important.

Here’s my example.

Are you happy right now?


If not, why?

Sometimes hurt feelings (about various things) and anxiety about putting myself out on a limb with my writing.

What Can I Do to Improve This?

Be mindful enough to catch the hurt feelings before they take hold and replace them with grateful thoughts and keep my eye on the end goal.

Specific Goals

Increase self-love so that I will not be so easily hurt by others, nor rely on their opinion or input as much.

I will do this by adding reasons to be grateful for me to my daily grateful list and using affirmations to start each day.

Also, I will focus on achieving the specific goals I listed in the work heading for this exercise in order to increase confidence.

The 3 Most Important Things I’ve Learned About Myself This Year
  1. There is limitless room in my heart (I kind of already knew this but it was reinforced when our youngest granddaughter was born last month).
  2. I have missed writing so much and am so glad to be doing it again regularly, regardless of where I end up.
  3. I am happiest when I’m helping others – particularly when it’s anonymous help so I can’t feel taken advantage of.
The 3 Most Important Things I’ve Learned About Others This Year
  1. The people in this world are mostly wonderful – every day I read stories and blogs and realise that the world is full of heroes.
  2. You can’t always count on the people you think you can, but the universe will then surprise you with support from an unexpected quarter.
  3. Deep down we are pretty much all the same with similar fears, desires and ambitions.
Name at Least 1 Reason to Celebrate This Year
  1. Top of the list has to be the birth of the youngest Goddess of Glee last month but the family would top the list anyway. If I thought of all the great things to celebrate 2015 it would take months to write so I’ll limit it to three.
  2. Starting this blog – it was like taking a giant step off a cliff and still scares me but I’m proud I’ve done it.
  3. Another year of great health – often taken for granted as I’ve always been blessed this way – but I’ve watched friends go through some horrible health-related issues this year and it’s highlighted how fortunate I am.

OK, that’s it. I feel wonderful to have finished this exercise on such a happy note, but also energised and determined to make 2016 even better.

Give this exercise a try before the New Year starts. Let me know how you went in the comments below.

Have fun planning and have a gleeful week, Tamuria.


  • I love this post, it’s so inspirational! I have already think about 2015 and what i want to change in 2016, but this is a great way to make it clearly what is important and what you want to do in 2016!

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