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How to Make a Garden Goddess

Welcome to another Wacky Workshops project – making a garden goddess.

I have always been a sucker for those wonderful tree men wood carvings – they seem so magical and make me feel safe.

This is the feminine (and easy) version – a garden goddess.

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Welcome to another Wacky Wednesday project – this week it’s gardening with kids.

Gardening with kids is an easy activity that has so many benefits – for you and the kids.

It doesn’t have to be complicated and difficult. In fact, keeping it simple is the big secret to success.

Gardening with kids doesn’t even require a lot of space. A small pot on the balcony is enough to teach the kids some really important things.

The minimum requirements are something to contain the plants, some soil, and some seeds.

If you want to get a bit more serious about gardening with kids then it’s really good to have child-sized gardening tools and gloves for them to use.

Start by deciding what container to use – it could be a pot, or you could use a larger container. Four-year-old Goddess’s garden is in an old laundry tub while three-year-old Goddess’s garden is in a small recycling crate. Both started with single pots.

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The excitement of springtime always brings a little insanity to our neck of the woods, which is the only thing to account for the Quirky Quest I’m giving myself and Hubby this month – growing a veggie garden.

This will be about the fifth time we have tried to grow our own food.

Like I said, spring time insanity; but also the confidence gained from half decent citrus (limes, lemonades, and mandarins) crops this year. We must be getting better.

To be fair to us, we are surrounded by many trees and therefore do not have many spaces that get the required six hours plus of sunlight per day.

I also think there may have been an issue with remembering to water from time to time.

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We had the bleakest few weeks here in the lovely Blue Mountains during the middle of July. It was unusually cold with temperatures lower than they had been recorded in five years and amazing snow falls over the top of the mountains (about 30 minutes’ drive from our humble home). There was so much snow that some roads and schools were closed and the rail service was affected.

I grant you that snow is beautiful and amazing (I spent the first four years of my life in Michigan, USA and I remember snowy winters). One of my daughters in law went up the mountain with her hubby and kids to see and play in snow for the first time in her life. They all had so much fun and the smiles on their faces (we saw the pics) were heart-warming. But that was the only thing that was warm!  I’m not a fan of cold weather. And we were not getting the beautiful winter wonderland snow here, just grey skies and cold. I was feeling sad. Then I walked into our front yard and saw its first daffodil of the season and my spirits lifted, my heart swelled and my smile was huge. This was sunshine in the bleakness. This was a reminder that spring was yet to come. Amazing how one little flower can make you so incredibly happy.

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