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We recently became THAT family, you know, the ones that make you groan. You’re sitting there at a table for two, about to order from some lovely menu; maybe have a few wines and some quiet conversation. And then THAT family walks in. There are lots of them (in our case 11) and include children of an age you know will not sit quietly and let you eat peacefully. Even the process of them choosing seats and setting up their kids is putting your teeth on edge as you see the intimate peacefulness of your night disintegrate.

I did feel bad for the other customers but it was also good being on the other side as I’m hoping it gives me more understanding and tolerance the next time THAT family invades the space I’m in.

The occasion was hubby’s birthday and we decided we wanted to spend it with our family. Winter in the mountains is pretty chilly so a barbeque was out. Hosting at home presented space issues as we’d have to stay indoors. Due to everyone’s work commitments, we had to book the second sitting (8.15 pm) at one of our favourite local restaurants. I knew it was late for the Goddesses –at 2, 3 and 4 years old they are usually in bed by then. But I figured we rarely did this sort of thing so we’d risk it.

They were wonderful! They have never been brought up to be seen and not heard so yes, they did laugh and chat and even got off their chairs several times (we kind of had them corralled between some of us adults and the wall so they couldn’t reach the other tables). I may be biased (well, that’s a certainty) but I truly believe they did us proud.

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“I’m not changing or childproofing my house for grandkids – no way”. I must have said that dozens of times when our first GOG Goddess came into our lives. Within weeks I put a wooden playpen around the fireplace. She and her parents initially lived with us for half the week and with the other grandparents the other half. So when they left for the second part of the week I would diligently pack away the playpen and other baby evidence. That was when I was still super house proud. Silly Grandy!  Grandkids will soon cure you of that obsession.

Then I started buying all manner of toys to go in “her ” playroom. Before we knew it our sun room housed a mini kitchen, princess tent, tiny table and chairs, dolls house and baskets of toys. The books on our bookshelf were put away to make way for children’s board games. Our kitchen cupboards were fitted with child proof locks (they never actually stopped the girls but often frustrated the hell out of me).One rubber duckie in the bath wouldn’t do so we have 30, plus an array of fish, bubbles and wands and of course bath crayons.

Next, I converted one of our bedrooms into a paradise for princesses, even going as far as to paint a height chart directly on the wall as the oldest GOG persisted in ripping their foam chart to pieces.

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I soon realised that with my grand babies I was incapable of maintaining the “off limits” rules I had with my own children which meant dangerous things are put away and everything else (I have a LOT of ornaments) is fair game. The more mobile the Goddesses become the more mess they create. There have been many days when my house looked like a bomb had exploded, with barely an empty patch of floor space to step in. Sometimes on these days, I felt like crying because of the enormity of the chaos. Still, I did not want to be a nagging Grandy, forbidding them from touching the tempting treasures throughout the house or having clean up wars with them – not when they were so young at least. Then I learned a few simple tricks that have helped me cope.

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