The Big Boredom Buster Wacky Pack


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Tired of hearing the kids tell you they’re bored? Wacky Workshops has the answer with The Big Boredom Buster Wacky Pack. This pack is full of fun projects and games, including many DIY toys that spin, fly, float and climb. They can be played with again and again – alone or with family. Have a race with your moving caterpillar. See whose bird flies the farthest. Whose climbing creature can reach the top first? Discover who is the best fisherman. These and many more projects will keep the kids entertained for hours and hours. The pack comes with a set of markers and an art bag, just waiting to be decorated. Forget about plastic packaging. The projects are all neatly tucked away in a colourful document pouch – perfect for sending as a gift. Type”boredombuster” in the coupon code to claim your free shipping.


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