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Check out the wonderfully wacky crafts we made at Wacky’s International Christmas crafts workshop and the fun stories behind them.

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the wacky workshops page picture

Did you know that some experts believe children who are not regularly exposed to art and the materials to create it do not read and write as well as those who are?


According to the Child Development Institute, children who had higher exposure to art were better at reading and writing than their peers.

Sir Ken Robinson, an expert in learning and children’s education, says imagination is one of the key components of creativity and innovation.

He recognises that creativity and problem-solving are basic skills that everyone needs, but says learning to think outside the box is a skill that requires imagination and the ability to see things beyond reality. Read more.


Wacky Workshops is all about fostering creativity and imagination in children. This is something needed more than ever as the temptations of technology take over from the wonders of making things by hand.


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The director, Tami, has been teaching arts and crafts to children in the lower Blue Mountains area for nearly 20 years.



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Inspiring creativity and imagination in children has numerous benefits. It can even help kids read and write – read How to Help Children Learn More Through Creativity.

It can give them important coping skills for adulthood – read How to Craft Your Way to a Better Life.

Tami is passionate about her love for nature and preserving our beautiful planet’s resources. She encourages students to think outside the box and discover new ways to use old things. Read How to use Nature to Make Kids Thrive.

Past students entered the annual Netwaste Waste to Art competition with great results.


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Tami nurtures the students’ creativity and lets them experiment with materials to create their own masterpieces. Tami listens to their ideas & helps them express their artistic talents. The students have fun while making friends.

Blanca Lopez


Tami also works as an art therapist to people with disabilities.

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There are also lots of stories on the importance of living life creatively.

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Happy crafting and have a gleeful week, Tami.