trees picture

Clint Eastwood believed they were not listening when he ‘talked to the trees’ (Paint Your Wagon) but he may have been wrong.

French scientists have discovered trees do talk – well, at least they make noises when they are running out of water.

The scientists at Grenoble University, France, used slivers of dead pine trees soaked in a gel to simulate a living tree, then created an artificially dry environment and listened to the noises which are ultrasonic pops, 100 times faster than what a human ear can hear.

When a tree is trying to suck moisture out of dry ground, tiny air bubbles are formed and the majority of sounds recorded during the research came from these bubbles.

Imagine what else we could discover about tree noises as our scientists, aided by advances in technology, work to uncover more secrets.

This is just a hint that is the magic of trees.

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