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Wacky Workshops is an award-winning art school that prides itself on promoting creative thinkers and spreading joy through creativity.

Whether you want to learn new skills, enhance existing skills, learn how to use art as therapy and relaxation or just have fun, Wacky has the project for you and, of course, your children.


Private lessons put the students in charge. Students have the opportunity to decide what they will create with all the fun materials in the Wacky studio. This is a great way for them to experiment with different forms of arts and crafts.

We do drawing, painting, sculpting, inventing, reimagining, paper mache, mixed media and more.

The teacher, Tami, worked as a professional potter for many years and then worked as an art therapist for people with disabilities. She has an up to date child safety certificate and Wacky Workshops is a COVID safe business.

Wacky Workshops welcomes people of all learning abilities and anyone aged between 3 – 93 is welcome to attend private classes.

Workshops are available for preschoolers and adults during school hours with afternoons and Saturdays being reserved for school-aged children.

The one-hour classes are booked in blocks of 10 and cost $40 each, including all materials and an art folder. The total of $400 for a lesson block can be offset by using the Creative Kids voucher. This makes your out of pocket expense $300 for the block.


Q: Is there a sibling discount?

A: Yes. The cost for siblings is $30 per class.


Q: Can siblings share a class?

A: Yes. Up to three children can share a private class.


Q: Should parents stay during the workshop?

A: Parents are welcome to stay during private classes but it is not a requirement.


Q: What happens if a student has to miss a class?

A: Given enough notice, Wacky Workshops offers to make up classes.


Q: What happens with private classes during the school holidays?

A: Private classes run during the school holidays, however, if you want the break, Wacky Workshops will hold the place for you and add those holiday classes to the end of the block.


Q: What if a student can’t decide what project they’d like to create?

A: Wacky Workshops has a vast array of project ideas and materials and will come to the rescue with fun ideas and suggestions.

The Importance of Creating Arts and Crafts

Q: Why are art and craft activities important for preschoolers?

A: Art and craft projects help young children gain fine motor skills, confidence and a voice through creativity. Many Wacky Workshops preschool students have been able to express their fears and anxieties through creativity during stressful times (such as bushfires) and also their joy at participating or witnessing something special (like a blood moon).


Q: Why are arts and crafts projects important for primary school children?

A: Arts and crafts projects help reinforce the creative lessons learned at school, increase confidence, offer a safe way for children to express themselves and promote creative thinking. They can even help kids read and write – read How to Help Children Learn More Through Creativity. And give them important coping skills for adulthood – read How to Craft Your Way to a Better Life.


Q: Why are arts and crafts projects important for teens?

A: While the benefits of increased self-confidence and expression also apply to teens, the added benefits of offering arts and crafts are that they nurture the teen’s creative side, which has often been neglected at school by this stage. Several Wacky Workshops high school students who do visual arts at school have expressed joy about having the freedom to choose their own projects and not being confined by expectations or stressed about what kind of mark they’ll receive for a project. 


Q: Why are arts and crafts projects important for adults?

A: Creativity is one of the best ways to relieve stress and gain focus. It is also a wonderful tool for helping to manage emotions and moods.


Q: How do I sign up for private classes?

A: Claim Your Private Lesson Block in Three Easy Steps

Keen to book a private class? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Check the calendar below for available times and dates. I’ll do my best to keep it updated. If no times are mentioned on a particular day, that means that day is fully booked. All the time slots are for weekly classes unless otherwise noted. If you can’t find a daytime that suits you, call Tami and be added to the waiting list.
  2. Register the student here. NOTE: There is space on the form to state your preferred time and date and also to add your Creative Kids voucher number if using  (you can claim yours here). The Creative Kids voucher acts as a deposit to secure the spot. If you’re not using a voucher, use the bank details on the registration form to deposit $100 and secure your booking.
  3. Wait for the fun to start.

Wacky Workshops Private Classes




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Hope to see you at the Wacky studio soon. In the meantime, have a wonderfully Wacky week, Tami.