I’m Tamuria, the gleeful grandiva, offering tips for living an optimistic and creative life.

In a world that seems riddled with chaos and uncertainty, it can be a challenge to keep a positive attitude.

The projects and articles on Gleeful Grandiva are designed to help you do just that.

Learning to live a life of joy, regardless of what is happening around you, is empowering.

When you know with certainly that you have the power to make a difference, your thoughts and actions gain purpose.

As a grandmother to six delightful children, my passion is to make this world better for grandchildren, big and little, everywhere.

I do this with adults by reintroducing childlike joy in creative projects and sharing, with the tools of extensive research plus my own experiences, tips for creating your own joyful world.

My creativity school, Wacky Workshops, provides a space for children to discover their own creative interests and talents. You can learn more about it on The Wacky Workshops Page.

Check the Wacky Workshops Crafts Projects section, found in the menu, for fun-filled projects to suit all ages.

The Creative Living section is loaded with ways to live life creatively. Start with How to Use Creativity to Increase Joy and Lose Anxiety.

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Wishing you a gleeful and wonderfully Wacky week, Tamuria