Hi, welcome and thank you for dropping by. I am the gleeful grandiva, a happy grandmother, passionate about making this world better for grandchildren everywhere.

I believe this can be done by encouraging kids to love and nurture our planet and by promoting the skills that come with creative thinking.

My creativity school, Wacky Workshops, provides a space for children to discover their own creative interests and talents. You can learn more about it on The Wacky Workshops Page.

Sometimes, big kids need help tapping into their creative powers too and the Wacky Crafts Projects section, found in the menu, is packed with fun instructions and ideas to suit all ages.

The Creative Living section is loaded with ways to live life creatively and the Grand Parenting section shares the tips and tricks I’m learning, through experience and research, about parenting and grandparenting.


My background is in journalism, but my most important roles are as grandmother to five divine Goddesses and a little prince, mother to three amazing men and wife (for more than 30 years) to my soul mate Mark.

When I’m not playing handmaiden to little people and navigating the maze of relationships in a growing family, you can find me teaching art to a wonderful group of students, researching for stories or contemplating the wonders in my garden.

about gleeful grandiva picture

Some of the Goddesses and the prince.




Have a look around and feel free to get in touch via the contact page. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Wishing you a gleeful week, Tamuria