Are you passionate about creating a better world for our kids?

All the bad news out there can make this seem like a nearly impossible task at times, but I do believe we can achieve this. Even if only with baby steps.

Grandparents have a wonderful opportunity to help their grandchilren hang onto hope and let their creative minds and imaginations run free to come up with positive solutions.


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As we are teaching them, they are teaching us, with a whole new set of challenges the role of grandparenting creates.

I happily share with you a few things I’ve been learning along the way in my role of Grandy to the Goddesses of Glee (my four adorable granddaughters). From dealing with tantrums and preparing your home for little ones to coping with your own grand insecurities, I share my stumbles and successes. You’ll find these and more in  Grandiva’s Tips on Grand Parenting in the menu.


I am passionate about empowering kids to create happy lives and a positive world through creativity and imagination.

I recognise that sometimes the big kids need a bit of help with this too and offer tips such as How to Draw the Line to Happiness, and How to Use Creativity to Increase Joy and Lose Anxiety.

There are tips for how to use nature to make kids thrive and how to help kids learn more through creativity.

If you’re looking for practical arts and crafts projects, check out the Wacky Workshops section. For information about my Blue Mountains Arts and Crafts School, go to The Wacky Workshops Page.


Want to help the planet and yourself? Read, How a Thirst to Save Could Change the World and Talk to the Trees – They Just Might Answer.

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I have included a fiction section – The Reading Room (in the Creative Living section), with poems and short stories.


My background is in journalism, but my most important roles are as grandmother to four divine Goddesses of Glee, mother to three amazing men and wife (for more than 30 years) to my soul mate Mark.

When I’m not playing handmaiden to little people and navigating the maze of relationships in a growing family, you can find me teaching art to a wonderful group of students, researching for stories or contemplating the wonders in my garden.


The Goddesses

Hubby and I have lived in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia, for the past 29 years. We currently share our home with our tiny dog Decaf and occasionally family members (both big and little) who come for sleepovers.



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Wishing you a gleeful  week, Tamuria