crafting a happy life picture



They file into the studio and choose their seats.

They are the latest Wacky Workshops students (aged five to 12) and they’re drawing a picture of their favourite toy.

This was the first activity in a toy making workshop. A way to keep them busy and get into a creative groove while waiting for the others to arrive.

Almost all of the students drew iPads on their sheets and began to talk to each other about their favourite games. The perfect icebreaker.

Friendships were made. The conversation was enthusiastic and joyful.

They discussed the challenges of getting through complicated stages in a game they all knew and loved.

I wondered how today’s activities would stack up against the lure of technology.

It was more curiosity than concern. I’ve never had an unhappy student.

I also knew that during that three-hour workshop, amazing things would be happening inside their brains. Things that don’t happen while in front of a screen.


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