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While technology is speeding ahead at breakneck speed, the human race is going backwards in some respects.

Think about it. The open spaces and natural foods and hobbies our ancestors enjoyed have been replaced with solid walls, preservative filled foods and hobbies that often include sitting in front of some kind of screen.

Sure, our lives are more comfortable. We are living longer and I daresay with less physical pain than our ancestors endured.

However, the incidence of mental health problems such as depression is skyrocketing, as are physical health issues such as obesity. And many of us are out of touch with the world that hosts us.

The very need to write an article about reconnecting kids with nature shows just how far we have slumped.

It’s not all bad news, though.

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get crestiver with Christmas card crafts picture

Welcome to another Wacky Wednesday project – clever ways to get creative with Christmas card crafts.

These projects are a great way to avoid adding to the ever growing piles of rubbish on our planet. Have you read my post How to Win by Avoiding the Bin?

So first things first, DON’T THROW OUT YOUR CARDS.

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Welcome to another Wacky Wednesday project – a sparkly fun light.

When I was making my scary candle holder for Halloween, five-year-old Goddess said she wanted to make a jewelled candle holder.

I explained that jewels and beads would be practical as we cover the whole thing with tissue paper, so the embellishments need to be flat.

We compromised with sparkling metallic sequins and the end result was beautiful.

She had a lot of fun making it as well and the jar doubles as a treasure trove and night light. This is a clever and fun way to recycle glass jars.

I love those sequins and always keep a supply on hand. They can be bought at craft and dollar stores. They have the sparkle of glitter but are not nearly as messy and they can be used for so many cool projects. Check out the pictures below these instructions for some other fun projects using metallic sequins.

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flowering seat pciture


Welcome to another Wacky Wednesday project- making a flowering seat.

Spring had sprung in Australia and we’ve been doing the annual spring clean for a few weeks now.

Part of the process is getting rid of things or transforming them, that are no longer useful.

If you read my post Trash to Treasure, It’s Easy, you’ll get some great tips for transforming things you cannot bear to part with.

For me this year it was a silly, broken chair.

The thing about that chair that had been sitting in storage for a few years was that my sons had sat on it while studying for important school exams, such as the School Certificate and High School Certificate.

It has history and memories of the days when this house was bursting with the loud voices and music of teenage boys.

How could I possibly part with it?

A year ago I put it outside in readiness to put on the footpath for a council collection. I just kept finding reasons not to leave it out.

Now, a broken chair just looks like rubbish, no matter how many memories it holds.

So I decided to make it pretty by turning it into a flowering seat and transform it into something useful and worthy of keeping.

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