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If you think your children are not hearing and paying attention to all the stories of doom and gloom for the planet, think again.

Those little minds are like sponges and take in all the information around them. And it scares them.

More than that, those stories can potentially rob your children of motivation, future planning, hope and joy. They can even lead to depression, particularly during the troubled teen years.

The good news is you can counteract the negativity that stems from doomsday stories and empower your children to save the world.



Last month British physicist Stephen Hawking announced we had just 100 years to leave the planet – or die.

This sensational claim was media headlines in Australia for several days. Did you think the kids missed hearing this?

I know, from talking to the Goddesses and my Wacky Workshops students, that they did not miss it.

Can you imagine how it makes them feel? The world we know and love will die so we need to jump ship, or in this case planet.

There is no way on earth, or off of it, that we can move the entire human species to another planet in that timeframe. Who will be left behind?




How frightening must this information be for children who have their whole lives ahead of them?

Professor Hawkings claimed we had 1000 years before The End of The World in November last year.

So what has changed in the past seven months?

When you read further into the latest Stephen Hawkings claims it becomes apparent he has made them as part of his promotion for a new documentary where he will travel the world to find out how humans can live on another planet.

Professor Hawkings is not the only one making doomsday predictions.  Climate change, entire species dying out and the very real possibility that the human race will be wiped out by epidemics or even an asteroid strike, are familiar stories.

Meanwhile, young kids are left terrified and teens are wondering if there is any point in working towards a future that may not exist.

They are being robbed of their dreams of amazing careers, beautiful homes and creating their own families.

If that doesn’t lead to depression, I don’t know what will.

And you can’t shield children from the doomsday stories in a world where information is at the tip of our fingers.




What you CAN do is empower your children to be involved in helping to save the planet.

I for one would rather die fighting to save this planet, then to sit back and wonder if I will be part of the chosen few who get to recolonise whatever planet is thought suitable. If and when that time comes.

Luckily, there are a lot of scientists who feel the same way and are working diligently to come up with solutions.

These are the stories we need to share with the kids.  Not sensational enough to stay in the headlines, they can be hidden behind all the doom and gloom.

They are the stories of people making a very real and positive difference to our planet.




For instance, Canadian researchers have developed a device that can suck carbon dioxide pollution out of the air and convert it to fuel.

There is a similar machine near Zurich.

Then there is the former NASA engineer who has come up with the idea of using drones to plant trees at the rate of one billion per year – something that is virtually impossible for humans to do but essential to counteract all the bulldozing and tree clearing we do for housing, paper and farming.

Last year scientists discovered bacteria inside the gut of a mealworm that can safely degrade plastic. They are working on making this more efficient. This is excellent news to counter the prediction that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

To deal with all the plastic currently polluting our oceans, a 22-year-old has come up with the idea of creating a giant filter and attaching it to the seafloor. Natural ocean currents will collect the rubbish. He came up with this idea when he was just 17.

Scientists are working on ways to create artificial clouds to help cool down the planet.


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One company has designed an edible water bottle made out o the sustainable packaging.

Researchers have found that some corals are adapting to warmer ocean temperatures.




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The littlest things can sometimes make a huge difference towards regaining the Earth’s natural balance, as in the case when 14 wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park.

A couple in India have spent 26 years replanting a rainforest.

One man is taking creative recycling to a whole new level by building homes out of plastic bottles.

There are countless stories of people working towards saving our planet. People who have not yet given up on our beautiful Earth.

When you share these stories with your children, you give them hope.


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You can take this one step further and empower your children to be part of the solution.

The most obvious way to do this is to teach them how to recycle. Then, make them aware of the difference just a small amount of recycling can make. For instance, recycling six aluminium cans can save enough energy to offset the carbon emissions from a 10 km journey in an average-sized car.




Another way to ensure children feel they have the power to make a difference and are not just at the mercy of a bunch of grownups is to encourage their creative abilities to reinvent things.


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The picture above shows six aluminium cans that have been recreated to form a desk caddy and a little container.

By turning them into useful objects, they have not ended up in landfill. The added benefit is there is no need to buy those objects and the packaging that goes with them. A double win.

More than that, the children’s creative abilities are being promoted and by helping them think outside the box, we are grooming them to be the innovators of the future. The saviours of our planet.

This is one of the main goals of Wacky Workshops Arts and Crafts for Kids. I teach my students they can make a difference and give them creative skills to do just that.

Here’s what one of the parents of my former students had to say about Wacky Workshops.

My girls loved wacky ! They still talk about it today. You showed them you can make something out of anything!


Have a gleeful week, Tamuria.


  • Thanks for focusing on the positive! Everywhere I turn there is an overwhelming emphasis on unnecessary drama and negativity. I’m not saying to ignore reality, but there is way to much chaos for drama sake. We don’t have kids, but I see the negative affects all of these scary, uncontrollable stories have on my family. There are plenty of good things going on, so we need more balance in the data we’re processing in our brains.

  • Tamuria,
    Great Messages on your post and I truly love the part that you put in about hope and the future. I think of the children and all the people that are ahead of us and what inspiration that we can be for them as mentors. parent, teachers, and just friends.

    Lori English

  • What empowering ideas for kids! And for all of us, actually. I just love the aluminum can caddy.
    And thank you for these truly hopeful studies as well. Ahhhh . . . that great minds are coming up with solutions empowers us all!

    • I find it so inspirational and exciting when I hear about all the wonderful things people are doing to help our planet, Susan. I love sharing those stories and showing kids all the possibilities.

  • Oh no… I totally get it. As my children are 17 and 20 and it’s now that I can see a lot of the things that I taught my children are coming out… and I sit there and think.. I did that… they got it. I love this!

  • Stephen Hawking. He can be wrong – first he said there was a chance there was God, then no God. Now – 1000 years turned to 100 — maybe he should pray for those 900 years back. Sorry….just enjoying myself.

    Yes, I went to see Wonder Woman with my granddaughter and she asked me if they really used gas to kill innocents in war and if yes, were they still doing it. I told her yes and she got such a sad look on her face that it makes me want to cry as I tell you.

    I raised my children to want to change the world and they’re both doing it. One’s a nuclear physicist, he created a way to detect radiation in 8 seconds instead of 8 days and my daughter is helping addicts. I’m a proud mom. I suspect the next generation will do even better.

    I love your title…that’s the best we can hope for isn’t it.

    • Yes, Cathy, that’s truly the best we can hope for and it’s clear you have nailed this with your own children who are doing amazing things. So sad when we have to admit to our grandkids the lousy things still happening. We can’t protect them from the knowledge and we can’t lie to them. We can just try to help them focus on all the wonderful things going on.

  • It’s inspiring how many of the amazing initiatives there are that are working to combat the impact of climate change and climate pollution. You and I both love sharing these positive stories, in hopes that others will see that all is not lost. Part of the solution is also to change the habits we humans have adopted that have created the issues. It’s one thing to find solutions to problems, but like you, I’m a firm believer in working to eliminate the problems too! Thanks for sharing a message of hope, as it isn’t over yet! We all can be contributors to the solutions and that means teaching and inspiring young people, all people, to contribute too! Thanks Tami! xo

    • It will take time to change some of those habits, Beverley, but with teaching and inspiration, I do believe it can be achieved.It’s so important to keep hope alive by remembering the positive things that are happening and celebrating the wins – even the little wins.

  • From the moment I saw the headline I was inspired. I love how you are inspiring our little ones and it really is not all doomsday – media is so DISEMPOWERING and contributing to more demise than necessary. Our little ones need to feel good about their future. Love this so much!

  • I just wish you lived in NYC and my children could attend your Wacky (and very sane!) Workshops! I love your spirit!

  • Yes, focus on the positive! There’s way too much fear-mongering out there these days. BTW – remind me sometime to tell you the story about when I met Professor Hawking….

    • I am so keen to hear about when you met Professor Hawking, Jennifer. I have a lot of respect for his thinking on most things and that would have been a truly amazing experience.

  • Thanks for sharing about Stephen Hawking. Much of what he says takes a higher level of thinking, but most of us can learn a lot if we can “think outside the box.” As always I love you share opportunities to empower our children. Being empathic, I can sense a lot of the fear that American people have today. I know children feel this fear as well. Your ideas give children something to DO about it and helps them not feel so powerless.

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