Welcome to another Wacky Workshops project – Christmas gifts to make.

As I promised in Make 5 Irresistible Jewellery Gifts in 5 Minutes for Less Than $5, I am sharing some more projects for quick and inexpensive Christmas gifts to make.

Each of these projects can be made in under 10 minutes or less and have minimal costs involved.




These are so easy it’s silly.


Christmas gifts to make picture
So easy it’s silly

Christmas gifts to make picture

  • Hair combs – I bought a pack of 6 for  $2.99 at the supermarket
  • Stick on decorative gems – bought at the cheap shop for $2 per sheet
  • Take the stickers off the backing sheet and place onto the top of the hair combs. Done.

Christmas gifts to make picture
Useful and decorative rock trivet

I love having trivets handy in the kitchen for those hot pans. This one is small, using an old CD, but very handy and looks great sitting on the counter. I’m going to make some bigger versions using round craft wood found at the hardware for a few dollars.

  • Old CDS
  • Rocks – bought for a few dollars a bag at the hardware
  • Craft glue
  • Generously cover the CD in craft glue, label side up.
  • Add the rocks, being sure to keep the surface flat. Done.


Christmas gifts to make picture
These earring organisers are useful and stylish
  • Old frames – if you lucky enough to have a few old frames laying around use them. Otherwise, you can pick some up in the cheap shops for between $2 – $10, depending on the frame. The ones with wooden backs that can stand alone are best. The cardboard ensures the earring backs do not get damaged.
  • Thick cardboard – I used an old cardboard box
  • Material scraps
  • Box cutters
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Take the frame apart then use the backing to trace a rectangle onto the cardboard.
  • Cut out the cardboard rectangle.
  • Cut the material so that it is about 2 – 3 cm wider than the cardboard on all sides
  • Cover the cardboard in craft glue and carefully lay the material on top, stretching as you go.
  • Flip over, tuck in the material corners and glue the edges in place.
  • Place the cardboard in the frame and replace the backing board.
  • Put the frame glass aside somewhere safe. I’ll be sharing a craft to use these pieces of glass next year. 🙂

Why not add to this a pair of the dainty paper clip earrings featured in Make 5 Irresistible Jewellery Gifts in 5 Minutes for Less Than $5 to make the gift extra special?



Transform plain glass votives into works of art using just nail polish and water.


Christmas gifts to make picture
What a beautiful effect the nail polish leaves
Christmas crafts to make picture
It was so much fun I just kept making more. I really love the red and gold! If you plan to do this with mugs for drinking out of, don’t let the nail polish get too close to the rim. Mine was chipped, so I’m putting a plant in it.


Oh wow, these are so much fun to make! I can make one in under 10 minutes, but it’s very hard to stop at one. You don’t need to confine this to the candle holders, you can use plain white coffee mugs or even a Moconna jar.

  • Clear glass candle holders or jars
  • 2 -3 different coloured nail polishes
  • Water
  • Large container
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Nail polish remover (in case things get messy) NB: You might want to wear gloves – I didn’t, so had to get the polish off my hands with the remover.
  • Half fill the container with warm (not hot) water. If the water is cold the nail polish will set too fast.
  • Holding the nail polish close to the water allow a few drops to fall. If you hold it up too high the drops will be heavier and immediately sink to the bottom. It will spread when it hits the water. At this point, the polish will dry very fast so you need to be quick.
  • Add the next colour –  be quick as you don’t want the nail polish to start to dry.
  • Again with haste, use the bamboo skewer to swirl the colours, creating a marbled effect.
  • Hold the jar sideways and dip and roll across the nail polish on the water.


Christmas gifts to make picture
Hold the glass sideways and dip and roll.


  • Set aside to dry. It will cure quickly but allow at least an hour before touching so that it is fully dry.
  • Protect with a layer of spray varnish.
  • Add candle and smile – it’s a fun project.

I think it would be cute to fill the Moconna jar with tea light candles and give as a gift.

The hand-decorated coffee mug with a yummy packet of shortbread biccies – awesome gift! How about a chipped mug with a plant inside? The possibilities are endless.

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Happy crafting and have a gleeful week, Tamuria.

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