Merry Christmas

this is Christmas day in an Aussie home picture


My wish for you is a very happy day, whichever way you choose to spend it.

As many of my readers come from colder climes I thought it would be fun to write a little poem describing what Christmas is like for some of us in the Land Down Under.

When we were younger and interstate from parents,  Hubby and I often spent the day at the beach with friends.

These days it’s a family affair. This year is particularly fun as it’s ‘our turn’ to host – a privilege we alternate with the in-laws who have recently expanded our family.

I am acutely aware there are many who, for a variety of reasons, cannot share this day with loved ones and I’m sending love their way.

Usually, our Christmas days are hot – 40 degrees Celsius is 104.0 degrees Fahrenheit, but at the time of writing this (November) we have been having some unseasonably chilly days, so who knows.

Either way, it’s sure to be fun.



This is Christmas Day in an Aussie home

Drinks are in the eski

Salads all are made

Tables set up prettily

Underneath some shade


Temperature is rising

In the summer zone

This is Christmas Day

In an Aussie home


Fans are whirring crazily

There’s a pool to wade

Air cons on in some homes

It’s 40 in the shade


Family starts arriving

Others on the phone

This is Christmas Day

In an Aussie home


We’ll open all our pressies

Right beside the tree

Little kiddies’ faces

Filled with joyful glee


A little toast with champagne

Helps to set the tone

This is Christmas Day

In an Aussie home


Bug spray at the ready

A multitude of flies

We can’t seem to swat them

Though everybody tries


The mossies come out later

They make us whinge and moan

This is Christmas Day’

In an Aussie home


Barbie’s cooking pork

The oven has the ham

A really yummy feast

Is always what we plan


And then a Christmas turkey

The meat pulled off the bone

This is Christmas Day

In an Aussie home


Oysters, prawns and bugs

Are waiting on the ice

Homemade seafood sauce

Will make them extra nice


We’ll have lots of cold stuff

Like ice cream in a cone

This is Christmas Day

In an Aussie home


Finish with the sweet stuff

Pavlova, cake and fudge

We’ll all be feeling so full

We will not want to budge


It’s all about the family

When it’s said and done

That’s our Christmas Day

In our Aussie home


Then we’ll waddle off to bed

When everyone has gone

This is Christmas Day

In an Aussie home

by Tamuria

This is Christmas Day in an Aussie home picture

Wishing you a splendid poetry and laughter filled day and a gleeful week, Tamuria.




  • Hello Tamuria,
    Thank You for the post and I really enjoyed this learning something new. I know it a different way to celebrate, but in my mind we are all have families and children to love and care for. Enjoy the Holiday’s and being present. Thank You Tamuria.

    Lori English

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