creative Christmas wrapping picture


Welcome to another Wacky Workshops project. This week’s projects are to add a bit of fun to your Christmas wrapping.

Have you noticed that the cheap Christmas paper is getting thinner and is ripping more easily while the expensive paper is becoming, well, more expensive?

For me, nothing beats brown paper packages tied up with string (these are a few of my favourite things) yet at Christmas, it’s fun to jazz up the gifts, even if you don’t resort to all the glitter and glitz that is part of the season.



creative Christmas wrapping picture


Let’s start with a brown paper package tied up with string.

Add a twig from a tree and a sweet little bird and the present is instantly transformed.

All you need to do is cut out the bird shape from some thin cardboard or old Christmas cards. You can print out the bird template here.

A plane white bird looks great but I also love the vintage music covered bird.

Another bird that would look amazing is a wire bird. Check out my post How to Make Wonderful Wire Birds.

Using the same brown paper package, why not decorate with a little wire angel?


creative Christmas wrapping picture


Just use flexible wire to bend into an angel shape and add it to the front of your present. So simple, yet sweet.




A plastic bauble filled with lollies is an added gift to the gift but if you don’t want to give away lollies you could fill the bauble with glitter and ribbon to make a lovely decoration.


creative Christmas wrapping ideas


You can make a delightful singing angel with some feathers, a bead, pipe cleaners and artificial flower petals.

  • Gather a few feathers together and secure at the top with sticky tape.
  • Slide a wooden bead over the top of the sticky tape then add glue to secure.
  • Fashion a halo out of half ¼ of a pipe cleaner and glue to the top of the bead, along with dolls hair or wool.
  • Use nail polish to paint on eyes and mouth.
  • Glue one flower petal on each side of the angel, at the back, for the wings.
  • Place ½ pipe cleaner around the feathers, under the wings and twist together to form arms.
  • A little bit of vintage music (maybe from the offcuts from the cardboard bird?) makes a lovely songbook.


creative Christmas wrapping ideas





creative Christmas wrapping picture

A wide red ribbon and some cardboard and glue make the cutest Santa legs bow.

Just make a big bow with the ribbon and add white rectangles to the bottom strips, then black cardboard boots below that.

A bit of gold cardboard with a little black cardboard square in the middle makes a perfect buckle.

Use a cardboard toilet paper roll to make cute Santa pouches for small gifts.

creative Christmas wrapping picture

Just cover the roll with red paper, add a black belt with a white buckle and push in the ends of the roll.

If you liked these ideas be sure to share. Check out my Grand Christmas Crafts Pinterest board for more awesome ideas.

Happy wrapping and have a gleeful week, Tamuria.




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