easiest doll picture


Welcome to another Wacky Workshops project – making woollen dolls.

With the weather getting cooler here in Australia our minds turn to all things warm and wool is one of the best of them.

Every year, inspired by the cooler temperatures, I vow I’m going to start, or finish, a knitted scarf or blanket.  Last year I managed about five small knitted squares – only 50 left to go – yay!

Obviously, knitting isn’t really my thing but I can happily make dozens of these cute little dolls and they are so easy even the Goddesses can make them.





easiest doll picture
Easy warm and cuddly little dolls to make.





  • A book – the bigger the book, the bigger the doll
  • Wool – two different colours
  • Scissors





easiest doll picture


  • Place the end of the wool near the top of the book and hold in place as you started winding the wool around the book from the top to bottom.
  • Keep the wool firm but don’t make it too tight or it is hard to remove the wool from the book.


easiest doll picture
So easy it’s child’s play.


  • When you are happy with the thickness – this is the doll’s body – gently remove the wool from the book, being careful to keep its shape.
  • Use a small length of wool to tie around the ‘body’ about a quarter of the way down from the top to form a head (and keep your wool together).


easiest doll picture
tie a short piece of wool towards the top to form the doll’s head.



  • Using the method above, wind the wool around the book – this time from side to side rather than top to bottom.
  • This piece doesn’t have to be as thick as it will form the arms.
  • Gently remove the wool and secure each end (near the loops) with a piece of wool, then cut the loops to form hands.
  • Gently place this wool through the body of the doll, just under the head and secure in place with another piece of wool.


easiest doll picture
Carefully add the arms and tie in place with more wool.


  • Cut the loop at the bottom of the body and divide into two – these are the legs.
  • Secure each leg at the bottom with another short length of wool.
  • Use the other coloured wool to add hair – either short or long – by tying it to the top of the head.
  • Use the different coloured wool to add eyes and mouth if you choose or glue googly eyes in place. They even look cute without facial features and they are so warm and cuddly.


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Happy crafting and have a gleeful week, Tamuria.



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