If you and your kids have been caught up in the drama and fun of the Netflix “Wednesday” series, you’re going to love these Wacky Wednesday crafts.

Our fun began when one of my granddaughters decided to turn her Wacky Wendy  (Wacky Workshops’ tiny mascot) into a Wacky Wednesday.

It wasn’t hard, she just added a black paper cloak and some black pipe cleaner hair.

That got the conversation going about our favourite scenes and characters and then our creative adventure began.




She suggested how much fun it would be to make ‘Thing”. It turned out to be a super easy project, requiring just some newspaper, a disposable glove, and some plaster bandage.



We started by stuffing the disposable glove with scrunched-up newspaper. When we were happy with the shape, we covered the whole thing in plaster bandage wrap. Then we painted ‘Thing’ white and added the scars that resulted from being stabbed onto Wednesday’s dorm room wall.


Wacky Wednesday



You can buy plaster bandage, sometimes referred to as plaster wrap, at many discount shops and also places like Officeworks. Cut the wrap into small, manageable strips, dip them in water, and wrap them around your sculpture. The bandage doesn’t stick to most surfaces but sticks to itself. It’s important to overlap each strip as you go. If the strips are too long, it’s easy for them to become tangled and unusable when they are wet. Once dry, the plaster bandage becomes quite hard and is easy to paint over.




Wacky Wednesday
Wednesday’s dorm

More ideas flowed and soon we were working on Wednesday’s bedroom with its beautiful stained-glass window.

We used two A4 size black card sheets – one for the wall and one for the floor. We used a white pencil to create a spider web design on one sheet. Box cutters were used to cut holes in the spaces between the web.




Coloured cellophane was added to one side of the web to create the colourful stained-glass design on the window in Wednesday’s dorm.

We taped the card to the other piece to form a wall and used wooden pegs as support behind it so it would stay upright.

A white line on the ‘floor’ of the dorm represented the division between Enid’s colourful side of the dorm and Wednesday’s desire for black and white.

Black card scraps were then used to create the beds and even a desk for Wednesday with a tiny typewriter and mini stacks of paper for her book.






Once the bedroom was made, we needed some characters.

Enid and Mrs Marilyn Thornhill were made using wooden pegs with pipe cleaner arms and clothes and woollen hair.


Wacky Wednesday


We are we hoping we can make a hyde (a monster featured in the series) next time.

Wacky Workshops students are often inspired into creativity by things they have watched and their favourite characters.

I’m an advocate of reducing screen time as much as possible. However, I recognise it’s an important part of life in our world today and if it inspires creativity, that’s a bonus.

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This paper mache Sonic the Hedgehog was made by a Wacky Workshops student

For even more inspiration, see how my eight-year-old granddaughter was inspired into amazing creativity by Harry Potter.

Happy crafting, and have a gleeful week, Tamuria.




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