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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. (Funny, there never seems to be an ugly princess).

Anyway, the beautiful princess had a huge heart and loved to help the flowers, bees, butterflies and birds grow and be happy.

She was also a talented ballerina who loved to dance. Her dancing was so magical that the birds would sing special songs to entice the princess to dance more.

The flowers would sway to the beat and the bees and butterflies would act as the chorus to her fantastic choreography.

One day an evil witch came to catch the princess. Luckily, the princess’s best friend was a dragon who came to rescue her.



GODDESS: No, that’s not what happened. The dragon doesn’t come until the end.

Oh, OK. What happens next?

The witch catches the princess and traps her in a shed. She is trapped for a long time. Then the princess breaks out, but now she has the badness in her.

What does the badness do to her?

It makes her be mean and not sharing.

And then the dragon comes……..

No, it doesn’t. It’s not the end yet.

The princess has to work hard to be nice again. She wants to be good but it’s hard because of the witch’s spell.

What does she do?

She has to keep dancing. When the badness goes she has new powers.

One of the Goddesses was creating this story with me the other day.

The princess used her new powers to help others who were trapped, according to the Goddess.




The urge to stop storytime in order to create a princess house meant we never reached the end, so, sadly, no dragon. And I do love my dragons.

What struck me was the insight in that sentence “She has to keep dancing. When the badness goes she has new powers”.

At just five, this little girl has grasped the concept of not giving up (she has to keep dancing) and that overcoming obstacles (the badness) leads to new power.

I know several adults who still struggle with these concepts.

The dancing can represent anything in life – our goals, our passion, our creativity – or even life itself.

The badness represents the hurdles – our own doubts and fears, our reaction to the criticism of others, mistakes that keep us stuck.

When the badness goes we have new powers, the greatest one being freedom from that which was holding us back.


freedom picture


As the ‘badness’ is within us, we cannot wait for that magical dragon, a knight in shining armour, parent, friend or partner to help us get rid of it. That job is for us alone.




The first step is being aware of its presence and then recognising how it manifests itself. Does it make us mean and unsharring? Maybe it makes us insecure and fearful? Does it make us jump to unkind and unfair assumptions? Make us judge others negatively to take the spotlight away from our own ‘badness’? Does it steal our freedom?

We may not like what we see when we take the time to examine the ‘badness’, but giving up will not make it go away. If anything, that gives it breeding space.


freedom picture


The challenge is to keep on dancing, creating, working, loving, living, all while we work towards finding the goodness and the power of freedom again.

In truth, we are often our own jailers, the bars being our negative thoughts that serve only to reinforce our lack of freedom.

Breaking free is not easy. We have put ourselves under a spell.

Regardless of what is going on around us – the evil witches, the atrocities of terrorists, the fools who contribute to climate change while denying its very existence – we can choose to be the victims of our story or the heroes.


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We may not have control over these outside forces, but we do have control over our reaction to them.

We can let the ‘badness’ rub off on us or use those forces as an excuse to give up.

Or, we can choose to use our biggest key to freedom – our minds – to create our own fairy tale life, full of flowers and dancing.




So how do we make the ‘badness’ go away?

Once we are aware of it, we can work towards removing it but, as the Goddess pointed out, it is hard work because we are under its spell.

We need to constantly monitor our thought process and our reactions to outside influences. I truly believe we are what we think.

When we don’t like what we see we first have to forgive ourselves and understand no one is immune to the magic spell of ‘badness’, one way or another.

Next, it’s time to replace those jail bars, our negative notions, with positive thoughts.

It’s a fact that our minds, as amazing as they are, are incapable of focusing on more than one thing at a time. Therefore, if we choose to contemplate the positive, there is no room for the negative bars that lock us up and take away our freedom.

The beauty of this is that the law of attraction states positive attracts positive, therefore the more positive thoughts we have, the easier it becomes to break the spell and make the ‘badness’ go away. Did you read my post, How to Create Your Own Happy Ending?


freedom picture
Affirmations help re-wire the brain and remove negative thought patterns. Here are a few from author Louise Hay to help get started.


It’s not a matter of putting our heads in the sand and ignoring what is happening around us – that’s another form of giving up. Rather, it’s a conscious decision to stay powerful enough to deal with those forces while still enjoying the dance of life.

Wishing you much dancing, freedom and a gleeful week, Tamuria.       



  • Nice post. Taking responsibility and following through are great lessons to be learned from your fairy tale. Thanks!

  • We believe that as adults it’s our responsibility to be the storyteller to children. I think it’s time to hang up our hats and let them be the storytellers. They seem to be able to tell the better wisdom stories that we do.

  • What lovely insight your 5-year-old Goddess offered you Tami! Children have great wisdom and wonder in their ‘thinking’ and in how they experience the world.

    I’ve always seen the dragon as the part of ourselves we are meant to conquer, so I found it interesting to read that you see the dragon as the saviour in the fairy tale. We humans always have so much more power and so many more choices than we often give ourselves credit for, don’t we? It be lovely if we could keep our childlike openness and see the world through the eyes of our younger selves, even as adults.

    • I’ve never seen dragons as the ‘bad’ guys, Beverley. I must be more in tune with the Oriental dragons who are regarded as protectors. If I were to visualise the dragon within, it would be that part of me that is strength and power. I agree, we really do have much more power and choices than we know.
      Oh to keep that childlike wonder alive and well as adults. That would be truly amazing.

  • Those demons within, oh my! I love that the inspiration for this story comes from a child. Such wisdom.

    I found myself with a real anger streak a couple months ago. It was triggered by systems not working well or inaccurate billing statements. etc. I was on the phone with various tech support people. I found myself feeling angry and being rude, but it felt like I couldn’t help myself. This happened a few times and I had to resort to my absolute behavior changer.

    What I do is when I want to change a behavior, I make a commitment to myself that every time I do this I will pay $50 to . . . In my case I send it to my friend. I did well for about a week and then was on the phone with Amazon and . . . well, $50 to my friend. Won’t be mean again!

  • I love this post 💕 Keep on dancing and share our story to help others. I am encouraged and amazed by the insight of this 5 year old. Our world is in good hands with the upcoming generation

    • Let’s hope these kids hang onto their magical wisdom through life’s challenges Alene. I think her message is so important and especially wonderful coming from one so young.

  • This is absolutely astonishing. So much wisdom in your grands! I was very moved by her understanding that being locked up created the badness inside her – what a powerful awareness, and, of course, what a brilliant answer to that issue when the princess must keep dancing. I am awestruck. This really needs to be its own book!

    • I agree, Reba, it does inspire awe to see so much wisdom in one so young. Thank you for your kind words. A book – yes, one day, I hope. There is still so much to learn from the Goddesses.

  • Oh Tamuria, your articles impress on me the importance of keeping our creativity and inner child (or goddess) alive and well. It’s cool to hear the many stories that kids tell us. Their perspective is so valuable.

    • Keeping that inner child alive and well really is vital, Tandy. It seems to me we start off with all the important wisdom to navigate through life but often unlearn it somewhere along the way. Thank goodness for little people to remind us.

  • You are such a powerful, compassionate, loving component in this little girls life. To really hear her words and to give her the space to explore, create and speak her truth is such a gift. I wish I had you in my life when I was young. You are the best Tamuria!

    • Teresa, your beautiful words brought a tear to my eye. What a kind and generous thing to say. I know how blessed I am to have these Goddesses in my life, so it is an easy thing to hang onto their every word.

  • I appreciate the symbolisms involved here. That is true, we have to keep on dancing in this world – we need to move. That is the pattern in this lifetime. The “badness” or challenges makes us stronger.

  • I so LOVE this Tami! I love your imagination, and your reality! Thank you!

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