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Welcome to another Wacky Workshops project – how to smarten up your smartphone.

I recently wrote about the secret to using your Smartphone Smartly.

If you just can’t get enough of your phone, these clever crafts, to smarten up your smartphone, will be just what you need.

I absolutely need a case for my phone as I tend to drop it – a lot.

After a while, the case becomes scratched and starts to look a bit dingy. Sure, you can clean it, but what could be better than adding some bling?




smarten up your smartphone picture


  • Cheap phone case
  • Good craft glue or silicone sealer
  • A variety of pretty beads NOTE: broken bits of jewellery look great. Or you can cheat, as I did, and use sticky beads.
  • Glitter


  • Place your phone on some paper and trace around it.
  • Arrange your beads within the shape you just created, so that you are happy with the design. NOTE: You need to move quickly once the glue is on the case, so this way you can be sure of a bead design you are pleased with. Don’t forget to allow a hole for the camera lens.
  • Carefully clean the phone case.
  • Mix a small amount of glitter with the glue.
  • Spread the mixture over the back of your phone case, being sure to keep the sides clean as you go.
  • Quickly, before the glue starts to dry, add the beads, following the design you made.
  • Allow the glue to dry, then paint a thin layer over the top to keep your beads extra secure.




smarten up your smartphone picture


Smartphone speakers have sure come a long way.

Years ago I bought a cute little robot speaker that helped project my smartphone music.

Now my sons have state of the art smartphone speakers and the sound is amazing.

I can’t guarantee you’ll have amazing sound with the speakers, but they are easy to make and they only use recyclables.




smarten up your smartphone picture


  • 2 x paper cups
  • 1 x toilet roll
  • Paint – optional, but I like to keep things pretty
  • Scissors
  • Pencil



  • Use the pencil to trace around the bottom of your phone in the centre of the toilet roll.
  • Carefully cut out the tracing to provide a holder for your phone.
  • Place the toilet roll in between the cups, so that the roll ends are touching the middle of each cup.
  • Trace around the ends of roll and cut along the traced circles. NOTE: Cut carefully so that the holes are slightly smaller than the roll end – you want this to fit snugly.
  • Paint the roll and cups.
  • Gently wedge the roll ends into the holes you made in the cups so that the hole for the phone is facing upwards.


smarten up your smartphone picture


Done, instant speakers. Or you could put your phone in an empty glass to magnify the sound. One of my sons does this all the time, but it’s not as much fun as creating.




how to smarten up your smartphone picture


Want to thrill (or not) your friends and family with your holiday pics?

You can actually turn your phone into a projector using just a few recyclables.


  • Shoebox
  • Magnifying glass – lens only
  • Pencil
  • Box cutters
  • Cardboard



  • Remove the plastic from around the magnifying lens and place the lens on one end of the shoebox.
  • Trace around the lens and use the box cutters to cut along your tracing, forming a hole in the box.
  • Tape the lens to the hole so that the magnifying lens is now attached to the box.


smarten up your smartphone picture


  • You can make a holder for the phone by folding a thin strip of cardboard in half for it to lean on, or use a clip, as I did.


smarten up your smartphone pictureEnsure your box and the lens is facing a white wall and that your phone is facing the lens.


  • You need to be in a dark room and it can be tricky finding just the right spot so that your picture is clear. Move close and away from the wall until you find the sweet spot. Experiment and enjoy.


Did you know you can turn your smartphone into a holographic projector? How cool is that? You can find the instructions here.

Need a break from your phone? Why not get the kids to draw you a lovely picture. Fold and staple it to make a beautiful phone sleeve that will ensure you don’t become distracted by constant notifications.

Hope you enjoyed these crafts. Be sure to share.

Happy crafting and have a gleeful week, Tamuria.




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