painting a picture picture


George the Gingerbread Man heard the family leave the house as he lay in his little dollhouse bed.

He decided to explore, excited for a new adventure.


He slipped under the gap beneath a door to venture into a part of the house he had never seen – the craft room.

Ah, the wonders that he found. Brightly coloured paint pots, shiny objects, string and glue.

Shelves full of boxes and colourful paper and ribbons.

Tiny containers full of bright beads.

On a table lay an assortment of beautiful paintings George guessed had been made by the children in the family.


painting a picture picture


A plastic plate was covered in little pools of colourful paints and brushes sat in a pot of water.




George decided today he would be an artist.

He looked at those beautiful paintings and was suddenly worried that he would not be able to create anything as wonderful – or anything at all.

The biggest problem was his lack of fingers. How was he to hold onto a paintbrush when he didn’t have proper hands?

He tried and tried to grab a tall brush but he just could not do it.

George could feel himself getting angry and frustrated and the happy mood he felt when he awoke was gone.

He wanted to stomp his feet. And he would have if he had proper ones.

He wanted to yell at someone. But there was nobody there.

The little gingerbread man wanted to cry, but his little button eyes had no tears.

He kicked at the colourful blobs of paint with his legs, but all that did was make them dirty.


painting a picture picturte


George decided to give up on his dream of being an artist.

He started to walk away when he noticed the paint on the bottom of his legs was now on a piece of paper he had stepped on.




This gave him an idea.

George dipped his legs in the paint again and then walked all over the paper.


painting a picture picture


Everywhere he had walked he had left a trail of paint.

Then he dipped his legs in the paint and tiptoed across the paper.

This left little lines of colour on the paper.

He dipped his toeless feet in another colour and jumped up and down on the paper.


painting a picture picture


This made bigger splashes of colour on the paper.

George put both legs in another colour of paint and slid across the paper.

This left lovely swirly lines on the paper.

He was beginning to see the start of a beautiful painting. He was painting a picture.

The paint felt cool and slippery on his legs.

George covered his legs in more colours and danced across the paper.


painting a picture picture


This left swooshes of colours all over the paper.

He stuck his head in the paint and did headstands on the paper.


painting a picture picture


Next, he lay down in the paint and wriggled around, being sure to cover his whole back in the paint.

Then he lay down on the paper.

When he got up he saw his shape in rainbow hues.


painting a picture picture


He lay down on the paper again to make another rainbow coloured George shape.

This was turning into such a fun adventure and his painting was so colourful and beautiful.

George realised he was truly happy.

And he was an artist. A wonderful artist.

He covered his legs in more paint and slid around the paper in the shape of his name. This was better than ice skating. It was paint skating!




painting a picture picture


When he was finally happy with his masterpiece, George left the craft room and went back to his little bed to rest.

He thought about his adventure.

George remembered waking up happy and full of excitement.

Then he thought about how frustrated and angry he became when he couldn’t lift that brush.

It made him feel powerless and trapped.

George realised anger filled him up so that he couldn’t think properly.

He felt a little bit silly now because he had wasted all that energy on unhappiness when the answer to his problem lay right at his feet – at least where his feet would be if he had any.

George thought how sad it would be if he had left the craft room without finding a way to make his dream come true by painting a picture.

He was grateful for the magic that helped to make him also helped him find a solution.

George was happy and proud that he had created something beautiful and had shared a bit of his magic by painting a picture.

I hope you enjoyed the Adventures of George the Gingerbread Man and his goal to become an artist. If you did, you may also like Finding a Friend – the Adventures of George the Gingerbread Man and Santa’s Surprise – the Adventures of George the Gingerbread Man.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, plenty of opportunities to honour the artist within, and a gleeful week, Tamuria.






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