The Creative Kick-start to Confident Kids Kit

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A creative adventure towards confidence for kids aged 7 -12.


This PDF eBook is a creative adventure towards confidence for kids aged 7 -12.

Whether your child is brimming with self-confidence and all the rewards that go with it, or one who is filled with self-doubt, these activities are sure to entertain and educate.

The exercises were created after extensive research and more than 25 years’ experience teaching children. Those who have used the worksheets have had fun discovering things about themselves and realising the superpower they have to create a beautiful and happy life for themselves.

Establishing a growth mindset and an optimistic outlook during the pre-teen years is essential to help kids navigate through the tumultuous teens.

The Creative Kickstart to Confident Kids Kit contains 28 worksheets that take children on a creative adventure of self-discovery, goal setting and problem solving.

For great tips on creating confident kids and more information about how this kit can help, read How to Create a Confident Kid.


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