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Ever missed something that was right under your nose? The answer has to be yes because all around us, magical, secret things are happening – right under our noses – and we fail to see them.

We might think we take the time to stop and smell the roses, but how often do we silently watch a patch of grass or earth, a portion of bark on a tree, the fluttering of petals on a flower, for more than a few seconds?

Often the magic unfolds only after patient, silent, and focused watching. That is when you will find nature’s hidden treasures.

There are so many worlds within worlds around us and when we take the time to see them our own world opens into endless possibilities of creativity, peace, and harmony.

You won’t have to have read many of my stories to know how much I rely on nature to soothe my soul.




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Even with my intense love and gratitude for all the magic occurring around me, it sometimes takes the young, inquisitive eyes of the Goddesses to point out the hidden treasures in nature.

Often, I am looking, but not seeing. I am overlooking nature’s hidden treasures.

As I train my eyes to see more, entire worlds open before me, leaving me in awe and with an intense sense of wonder and harmony.

It’s a practice that takes time and silent contemplation. I know, who has time for that?

Right now, the world is full of fear and distrust and if we can tune into the hidden treasures surrounding us, we give our minds and souls a break from the tumultuous events occurring in just about every country on the planet.

It gives us hope and strength, maybe even meaning to the chaos. After all, nature does chaos in such a harmonious way.

When we immerse ourselves in discovering nature’s hidden treasures, we can’t help but feel uplifted and inspired.

As a crafter who loves to create things from nature’s gifts, I am attuned to seeing many of its treasures. Read my post, How to Craft Your Way to Success.

Yet I miss so much as I walk in my garden or in the bush. I know that I couldn’t, given a thousand lifetimes, discover every hidden secret in my own little patch, let alone all the rest of the world.


nature's hidden treasures picture
Can you spot something special in this tree?


nature's hidden treasures picture
How about now? That brown ‘branch’ is an adorable stick creature.



Don’t feel the need to travel afar

To discover new lands, to investigate stars

I sit in my garden, alone with the trees

A yard that is teeming with hidden myst’ries

Sometimes the ground itself seems to move

As hundreds of lizards forage for food

And under a rock, there’s a beetle so bright

I know it’s his beauty he keeps out of sight


The busy bees buzz and the butterflies fly

And up in a branch the baby birds cry

Ruby the ringtail sleeps in a tree

And sometimes she blinks her brown eyes at me

A goldfish shares pond with Frankie the frog

And nearby a bluetongue rests in a log

A lifetime of study, focused and fond

Won’t divulge all the secrets within that same pond


The spider makes webs, such a detailed plan

Can’t be outdone by inventions of man

A dig in the soil reveals squiggly worms

They aerate the earth for flowers and ferns

A miniature waterfall is home to tadpoles

And, all around, ants are burrowing holes

Bright petals dance on the wisp of a breeze

Enjoying a canopy of towering trees


Each tree is a haven for all kinds of life

A shelter for those who would stay out of strife

Each tiny leaf working to make good our air

Of its essentuality so unaware

Night-times – more myst’ry, a feast for our ears

Unusual sounds that focus our fears

A tree’s branch creak, leaves protest and shake

Was that a sweet possum, or a slithering snake?


Night noises of crickets, geckos and bats

The buzzing and biting of mosquitos and gnats

Then the possums come bounding, it’s their turn to play

Full of mischief and mayhem, from sleeping all day

Each morning alas, some new thing is discovered,

A visitor passing or something uncovered

Each season eternal in the circle of life

With beginnings and endings, with change being rife


There is drama and intrigue, the struggle to live

And there’s beauty and harmony, so much to give

I step out my door to this bustling throng

A mere passing word in Earth’s magical song






And, that’s what makes nature so incredibly wonderful. There is room for more discovery every single minute.


nature's hidden treasures picture


Just last year, a bunch of new species were discovered, some of them amazingly unique. You can read about the most amazing discoveries here.

We’re also discovering incredible things such as how plants can communicate. Read my post Talk to the Trees – They Just Might Answer, to find out about more amazing discoveries.

These discoveries do not have to be left to the scientists and researchers. We can make our own and add another dimension to our lives – just by taking the time and being aware.

Being in tune with nature in such a way can help us overcome some of our greatest fears and open our minds to creative solutions. It can give us hope.

And it can be solace in our darkest hours. Give it a try. You don’t need access to a large garden or forest. A little patch of grass or dirt will do. Nature thrives everywhere.

Happy discoveries and have a gleeful week, Tamuria.




  • Thanks for reminding me that the world is a magical place! Loved your photo with the stick bug. I couldn’t see it until you pointed it out. 😉 My husband, who is on a journey to minimalism, often says that humans need strife. And, when I look around these days, I tend to agree. This is sad because we focus on that strife rather than the amazing, unique things surrounding us. There are tiny miracles around us all the time! I feel quite inspired and renewed by your article. It’s set to be a beautiful weather day here, so I’m going for a walk to enjoy some of the very things you mention here.

    • For sure there are tiny miracles around us all the time, Meghan. It’s a shame we so often fail to see them or even look for them. Glad this gave you inspiration. I hope you enjoyed the walk.

  • This is such a beautiful tribute to the glorious natural world we are part of, Tami! How sad that so many people have lost connection to nature and how we humans have exploited it and how many still do not even realize this. My friend has conversations with trees and creates art from the messages she receives from them. She believes they are sentient beings and as new research is proving, trees have intelligence we are just beginning to understand. Personally, I’ve always loved flowers and trees, but only through the critical ‘seeing’ I have developed in my art courses, has my passion for the natural world around us deepened. Thank you for sharing this with us all, as my hope is also that more people will slow down and appreciate the natural world all around us. How sad that some people grow up in concrete jungles and have little access to nature. We really need to education children from an early age and offer them the experiences that will engage their curiosity and love of nature.

    • I agree we need to educate children from an early age and foster an appreciation and love for nature, Beverley. I would love to see your friend’s artwork. It sounds amazing.

  • Isn’t nature amazing? And you’re right there is so much going on in our world day to day that we don’t notice. I love to take a few minutes each morning to get some fresh air and enjoy outdoors. That small practice lifts me up and gives me energy for the day, imagine if I took a little more time to really notice the details. Think I’ll give it a try!

  • Dude.. I totally didn’t even see that stick figure… I’d have to see it move.. however, I do believe you! lol I have to remind myself to look for the little things and appreciate it. Thank you for the reminder, much needed.

  • This post reminds me of my dear friend who told me to stop and smell the roses when I travelled for work. He said to remember to take time to see a few sites when I was in a new place. Boy was he right. I am so glad I have taken his advice. I’ve gotten to see some pretty neat things in my travels. I haven’t done it as much lately. Thanks for the great reminder.

    • Seems we are always rushing to get places, Christy, and we forget to admire the view on the way. Glad you had this figured out and didn’t miss all the cool things on your travels.

  • Nature thrives everywhere! Yes Yes Yes:-) Seriously. I really believe nature is so healing and peaceful. There’s nothing like watching trees, animals, flowers and more. It’s pretty amazing to me. Thanks for helping me slow down for a few moments today.

  • Beautiful! It’s so easy to look and not see… I am always trying to be more mindful and be in the moment. I know the goddesses help you to do that, as does my son. Nature has always been a great source of restoration for me as well. Thanks for sharing, this is lovely.

    • Children are wonderful for reminding you to slow down and actually enjoy the moment, aren’t they Kimberly? When we do that, we find renewed energy and peace.

  • A lovely article and a great reminder to look for the beauty in everything. Thank you!

  • There are so many treasures in nature if you open your eyes and just look around you 🙂 Thanks Tamuria 🙂

  • This is a reminder how wonderful our earth is, even though most of us take it for granted. I enjoy nature most especially in Spring and Summer with the blossoming of flowers and trees regaining their luster

  • Tamuria,
    I looked at your post yesterday and shared it. I like the new way you are putting in the photos they look great , and thecontent is too. Nature is great and yiu can find a relaxing way to be you . I live across from a wooded area, and I would go there frequently and play. Nature is a great way to connect to yourself and let go of stress.

    Lori English

  • There is so much magic and beauty in the world. I’ve been trying to take the time to enjoy those things more these days. Life’s too short. Thanks for the reminder!

    • It’s so easy to get caught up in the demands of life that we can sometimes forget to see all the magic around us, Jennifer. It’s great that you’ve been trying to recognise the beauty and magic more.

  • This is a beautiful post Tamuria. Reminded me of a time I was running a race through some breath-taking trails, and focusing on getting to the finish is missing the point. I tried to notice the beauty of the race and the people around me. I really wanted to also be stopping and smelling the roses.

    • Living life is often like running a race, which is why people forget to stop and smell the roses sometimes, Rachel. It’s not really practical to do this during a race, but we can make the time for it in life. Glad you enjoyed this post.

  • I love this, Tamuria. I really love the appreciation of the nature that is right under our noses. Yes, a beach or mountain vista is glorious, yet there is a world in every drop of water, isn’t there? And of course, talking to the trees fits so well with my recent post about singing plants – we are on the same page, or should I say, leaf? Much love!

    • We truly are on the same page, or leaf, Reba. I couldn’t believe it when I listened to your amazing interview and heard those plants sing. What a joy. So true there is a world in a drop of water – magic and beauty everywhere.

  • Your posts always leave me with such a sense of calm and peace, Tami. You’ve taken me back to my fifth-grade teacher who use to read us a poem about the beauty of the trees and take us to a nearby park pointing out all the different trees. It’s one of my best memories from school. I also think that more people are waking up to not only to the beauty of nature but also how everything is connected in this vast energy network.

    • Your kind and generous words are a lovely compliment, Joyce. Thank you. Your fifth-grade teacher sounds amazing. I do hope you are right that more people are waking up to the beauty of nature and the energy that connects us all.

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