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Start writing a blog they said. It will be fun they said. Well, guess what? They were right. But starting a blog hasn’t been without its challenges.


Happy Birthday to Gleeful Grandiva – one-month-old tomorrow.

Hard to believe that six weeks ago I had never heard of a widget. Plugins were how I connected lamps to the power. Ping went with pong for a fun ball game.

Amazing what you learn when starting a blog.

About four days before my first publish I was in major meltdown as I couldn’t make a widget do what I wanted.

I was not acting my most glamorous!

I soon realised I would have to change my attitude if I was going to be able to survive the tangled web of the, well…web.

I fought back with this poem (who said the pen is mightier than the sword?) in an effort to keep a sense of humour.


Starting a blog can be such a hard slog

When you don’t understand all the terms

We’re dealing with plugins, metas and pings

(I was just getting used to  the worms)

A few steps one night and you have your own site

You’ll be planning and choosing your theme

As fears and frustrations fly out the door

You’ll have the best blog ever seen

You start writing your post – you might find you need Yoast

And it’s great til you hit the first kink

You want to look good, you want to look smart

But you can’t make your first permalink

You’ve done all the pages, ticked off all the stages

With thoughts of becoming a star

You tweak your menu, headings, and pics

Leaving only the humble side-bar

For that, you need widgets (they rhyme well with midgets)

Mysterious tools that they are

Techs can’t define them, you can’t do without them

Or your blog won’t be going too far

So you fight the good fight and work hard on your site

Soon getting to publishing day

Happy reading my friends,  I have just one wish

You’ll enjoy what I have to say


Crazy little poem by Tamuria

I’m sure the experienced bloggers will identify with that and I know any newcomers who are starting a blog will. My determination to change my attitude didn’t last long as only a few days later –  publishing day – I was there once again.



I thought I’d be set to publish around 10 am. I just had two little tasks. The first was to hide the tags at the end of my posts. Eventually, I gave up on this idea as I couldn’t find a way without editing code and I wasn’t up to that.

The next little task involved widgets – again. I wanted to install and activate those cute little social buttons on my page.

They are the buttons you see in the sidebar for Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you hit them those buttons will take you straight to my pages where you can then ‘like’ or follow me.

The ones after the post will take you to your pages so you can share my post easily.

Go on and try, I did, after all, spend HOURS setting up those innocent looking buttons.

If you do you’ll not only make me smile but you’ll be experiencing the magic of the internet where you can go wherever you want at the push of a button. How cool!

And to think when I was a kid we were excited to be the first on our street with a colour television. I’m feeling so much like a grandmother now.


Starting a blog picture


Anyway, back to starting a blog and those two little tasks. For some reason, my Facebook button refused to work no matter what I tried.

This problem seemed to be an issue on all of the several plugins I installed in an effort to get the buttons working.

I read dozens of posts but could not find an answer. Then I realised I couldn’t even get rid of the useless buttons.

Major disaster!

I had visions of throwing my tablet through my kitchen window and watching them both shatter.

Thankfully I remembered I’m supposed to be a glamorous gran so I quietly walked away, did some housework (always therapeutic) and had a shower.

All the while my wonderful Hubby was standing nearby wondering how he could help and would we be enjoying the champagne he had bought me to celebrate starting a blog. I am one blessed woman!

I finally returned calmly to the tablet, played around a bit and then remembered I’d read something about emptying your cache.

I’m not entirely sure what a cache is but I did work out how to empty it, then I reactivated my social button plugin of choice and carefully followed the suggested steps and yippee – they work.

(I can’t even believe I can write that sentence and know what it means – kind of.)

I’m not saying emptying the cache is what fixed the issue – I still don’t know.

I hope I’m not putting off other writers from starting a blog as you feel insanely proud when you push through the hurdles.

I’ve amazed myself with all that I’ve already learned but even better, I’ve amazed my sons, especially the IT expert of the family who I purposely avoided harassing for help.

And, obviously, in the end, Hubby and I did enjoy that starting a blog champagne.

What is really awesome about blogging is the generosity on the web.

In a world full of sad and bad headlines it’s so heartening to see there are so many people willing to give a helping hand.

This is a really good time to have a big shout out to Mike at How To Start a Blog. I followed his really easy steps to starting a blog then subscribed to his online course. I’m pretty sure he lives in the USA but I literally felt like he was holding my hand through the whole process.

A big shout out to Julie at Fabulous Blogging too. She is pure class – entertaining and practical with plenty of great tips.

When Hubby and I recently had a day on the high seas in search of whales we heard the most interesting word – “coopetition”. That’s how the tour guide explained how the various tour boats would co-ordinate their search for the whales – cooperating while in competition. That’s what the web world is like, lots of help and cooperation despite the fact we are all trying to carve out our niche and attract our own following.

Happy reading and writing and have a gleeful week, Tamuria


  • Congratulations on your one month anniversary! Yes, starting a blog is a huge learning experience, but it’s all worth it when you can see the difference you make in someone’s life just by publishing an article. You’ve already come a long way.. can’t wait to see where this journey takes you.

    • Thanks Lesa. Yes it has been a huge learning curve but, despite the hiccups, fascinating and fun. When it gets too stressful I’ll write another silly poem and have a laugh. Thanks for the support.

  • Thank you for telling me how to start a blog – I will give it some serious thought for my next life – or possibly, the one after that…. the blob (never forget, the blob loves you!)

  • I couldn’t stop laughing as I read your poem, Tami, and memories of my first Blogger blog returned. 😉

    I’ve come a long way since with my own self hosted blog on my website and am now able to code on my Goodreads blog too but yes, there was a lot of learning behind the scenes. You have started your journey and assure you, it gets better and better.

    • Glad it made you laugh Vatsala Shukla- it’s the only way to go I’ve decided. Goodreads blog coding from someone who can identify with where I am! I have new hope now. I am looking forward to seeing where the whole thing will lead me.I just checked out your site and I’m more inspired than ever now – seems like I could use some of all that you offer.

  • Absolutely loved your journey. I did a similar one a year and a half ago, only I used my tech son for those nasty things like widgets & stuff. I know I will enjoy yours because your first one is so authentically engaging.

    • Thank you Roslyn. I’m starting to take advantage of my techie son these days but wanted to start out by myself and impress him. Hahaha I’m over that now and grabbing help where I can get it.

  • You are a brave blogging lady to take this all on on your own! I have had plenty of help with my site and blog and even the most experienced tech people, run into issues with coding and clashing of plugins and widgets, so dong it on your own…kudos! Love your humour as well and the fact that you made it this far with only “online” helpers, is fabulous. Happy one month anniversary, Tamuria, and love your ode to blogging poem too. 🙂 Look forward to reading more about how your online blogging experience continues to unfold.

    • Thanks Beverley. I really felt like I was stepping off the deep end at the start but it’s been so good to get out of my comfort zone and have a new obsession. Bungee jumping is just not my thing so this was a good way to get the adrenaline flowing.

  • Thanks so much for the mention, Tami – are you the sweetest or what? I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post and the images and everything – you have awesome writing talent and I’m so happy yo see your sharing your wonderful gift with the world.

    You’ll have a fantastic blog and I can’t wait to read new posts!

  • Coach Natalie Palombi

    September 13, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    Oh how funny!!! I so feel your pain!! I have to say, I LOVE your poem!! 🙂

  • Blogging is like sience and I love it. All these new words and learning basic html. Trying to get some traffic and not giving up. Congrats on your blog and birthday, and good luck in the future./love Ida

  • Congratulations on your new blog!!!! I started off 2 years ago (educational blogging). I love it so much ended up making a second blog which is one week old.
    Lovely writing style 🙂

  • Oh I loved reading this!!! I spend so many hours spinning in circles trying to get my blog cleaned up. Never could get the Facebook Like Box installed…just gave up after weeks of trying. My pictures move around all the time and my words never split where I want them too. I am a year into it but will keep working. Love your pictures and your humor. Good luck.

    • Pamela thank you so much. It seems every day there’s a new tech challenge and all I wanted to do was write! Hahaha. I think it’s great to keep my brain really active though so will keep plodding on – while I’m smiling (hopefully).

  • Congrats on your new blog. It’s a great way to keep your brain active and alive, a fun way to make new friends, and a terrific way of driving yourself nuts even while you keep going back to it coz you really love it 🙂 And wait til Google makes one of it’s infamous changes. Too fun – and yet, after 8 years, I still love it. And I bet you will too! 🙂

    Kaye Swain

    • Thanks Kaye. I love that I’m making new friends all around the world – that is so cool and probably my favourite part of blogging right now. You’re right about it being a terrific way of driving yourself nuts. Knowing me, I’d find another way, maybe less fulfilling (like trying to keep the house perfectly clean) so it’s good I have something constructive to obsess about.

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Isn’t it amazing that experienced bloggers are so encouraging??!! They are a true resource for us all. Happy to have found you via the GRAND social!!

    • Thanks Marianna. Yes, the blogging world is so welcoming and I’m enjoying it even more now that I’m starting to make a few blogging friends – what an awesome way to meet people from everywhere.

  • Congratulations! Your blog is looking sensational so you must be doing something right!! I absolutely love the poem too. 😀

  • Keep at it and just run your own race. Enjoy blogging and don’t compare yourself with others out there. You’ll go the distance 🙂

  • Congrats on your blogaversary!! That’s awesome 🙂 Looking good and I love that poem 🙂 If I can help in any way with WP, let me know – I’m slowly getting there myself 🙂 Mim x

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