There was much excitement amongst the fairies in the studio as they made last-minute adjustments in preparation for the big event.

Their tiny wings fluttered rapidly as they flew from place to place, adding fairy dust and a touch of magic to the other participants of the exhibition.

The frolic of fairies was so busy they all failed to notice that one of their group was neither excited nor busy spreading fairy dust.

She was, in fact, hiding under a leaf, her little wings drooping downwards and flat against her back and her eyes filled with tears.


“Fern, have you made sure the ‘Plantastics’ have enough water yet”, Adrianna asked.

“Not yet”, replied Fern. “I’ve been busy chastising the White Rabbit for staring at his watch. He nearly knocked over the Tea for Two display”.

Each of the fairies has special powers and duties. Fern is the Fairy of Growth. She loves all plant life and uses her powers to help them grow. For humans, she represents growth and regeneration.

Adrianna is The Beekeeper and a natural leader. She wears purple (one of our native bees favourite colours) to encourage the bees to follow her so she can lead them to food. For humans, she represents productivity and the intention to lend a helping hand.


The fairies are, of course, the Wacky Workshops Wonderland fairies and they have been working towards this big event – the Wacky Workshops Wonderland Mother’s Day Art Exhibition and Sale – for months.

And it’s not the first time they have had to remind the White Rabbit to look where he was going. He’s always so busy looking at his watch that he regularly walks into things and characters. The White Rabbit is one of the features on the Mad Hatters Tea Party display table. This is a tribute to another fantastic wonderland and features teacup mosaics, a magically floating tea cup, a tea party for two and, of course, the White Rabbit.

The distraction of the White Rabbit was frustrating for the fairies as they wanted everything to be perfect on the day. They knew how hard their creators, Kate and Tami, had worked to design and create things of beauty for people to take home and enjoy.


Local artist Kate and Tami were no strangers to the world of art and crafts sales. Both of them had spent years selling at local markets – Kate sold beautiful embroidery and textiles and Tami sold her award-winning pottery creations.

Since then, Kate has discovered a talent and passion for painting.

Tami is the owner of Wacky Workshops, an arts and crafts school for children and adults. Kate is a valued member of the Wacky family and together they have collaborated on several projects. But the Wacky Workshops Wonderland Art Exhibition and Sale was their most exciting and ambitious project yet.

Their goal was to offer people a fun experience, not just a shopping opportunity. So they spent hours and hours creating unique and wonderful arts and crafts so they could offer people the satisfaction of buying locally made, one-of-a-kind treasures in a happy, safe, outdoor (and undercover) setting.

The Wacky Workshops Wonderland fairies understood all of this. After all, they came to life because of the care and love Kate and Tami had put into creating them.

They were going to help in any way they could.


While Fern watered the ‘plantastics’, Ivy (The Climber) and Fleur (the Flower Fairy) worked together to hang Kate’s beautiful paintings.


wonderland canvas picture
Beautiful flower canvas to be showcased


“Which is your favourite?” asked Ivy.

“It’s hard to choose, I love them all,” replied Fleur. “I feel like I could just fly right into the pictures and be among the flowers, smelling their perfume and watching them flutter prettily in the breeze”.

As they continued their work and discussion, Rainbow (the Fairy of Hope) and Adrianna busied themselves with the mosaic bird display.


The adorable mosaic birds were designed to add charm and personality to gardens and flower pots. Each was lovingly made by hand, some hanging and some on stakes, using vintage crockery, tiles, metal and weather-proof glue and grout.

Adrianna absolutely loved those birds, but Rainbow’s favourite creations were the wire sculptures celebrating mother love.

Each of the fairies had a favourite creation.  For Fern, it was everything on the Plantastic table, beautifully displayed succulents and other forms of living art.

Fleur was mesmerised by the paintings. They featured local wildflowers. She also loved the pretty flower pens that she was sure would make writing extra fun for any human lucky enough to have one.


wonderland canvas flower
One of the beautiful Wacky Workshops Wonderland paintings to be featured


Ivy thought the handmade tote bags, created with the most beautiful fabrics were irresistible.

Summer, the Fairy of Warmth, loved the hand-painted jewellery display, marvelling at the tiny pictures behind the glass domes of the pendants. These tiny masterpieces depicted different aspects of nature.


wonderland jewellery picture
Wacky Workshops Wonderland fairy Summer, preparing the jewellery display


A favourite for all the fairies was the Wacky Wendys – Wacky Workshops happy girl mascots.

They were also all very excited to see which art by Wacky’s most talented private students would occasionally be featured in future exhibitions.


It was Summer who finally realised that Autumn (the Fairy of Renewal) was missing. Summer frantically began to search while calling upon the others to help.

When they finally found Autumn under her leaf, they surrounded her and sprinkled fairy dust on her before asking what was wrong.


wonderland fairy autumn picture
Wacky Workshops Wonderland fairy Autumn


“I’m so sorry, she said.

“I was just overwhelmed with the urge to help people using my special powers,”

As the fairy in charge of renewal, Autumn understands that the process of renewal starts with shedding things that are no longer nurturing. She helps the trees shed their dying leaves. She helps humans get rid of old beliefs and feelings that no longer serve them.

“Humans have been through so much during the past couple of years and I feel like I will lose my sparkle if I can’t help at least one. But what if no one takes me home and I’m left alone? Or worse, someone really needs the help of my special powers but can’t get to the sale?

“You won’t be alone”, said Rainbow as Summer held her close and shared her warmth.

“Kate and Tami plan to make many more of us. Those of us who don’t get adopted during the sale will have a special place in Wacky’s online shop.

“I agree, it will be really sad for people if they can’t make it to the exhibition as it’s going to be so beautiful. At least there’s another option for those who can’t make it”.


Once Autumn heard this good news her face brightened and her tiny wings began to flutter.

“Well, it must be time for us to start spreading the word about the big event then,” said Autumn. She flew away, sprinkling fairy dust and announcing to the world that the Wacky Workshops’ Wonderland Mother’s Day Art Exhibition and Sale would be held at Wacky’s Glenbrook studio from 9 am to 2 pm on Saturday, April 23.


wonderland invitation picture
Your invitation


Join Kate, Tami and the Wacky Workshops’ Wonderland fairies at the exhibition and sale. If you can’t make it, be sure to visit the online shop a few days later. Some, but not all, of the creations, will be for sale there (for Australian residents only).

Follow the Wacky Workshops Facebook page to stay updated about all the Wacky Workshops Wonderland news.

Hope to see you there. Have a gleeful week, Tamuria




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