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Why is it important to inspire a creative year?

Taking time for creative pursuits improves your thinking, your happiness and your physical and mental health.

You may have already set your goals for the year – a healthier lifestyle and increased success at work. Did you allow some time to create? To paint a picture, learn an instrument, colour in a beautiful mandala?

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do. Or even how good you think you are at doing it. What matters is that you allow some space in your life to create. Get into that zone where everything else fades away and you are truly focused on your creative task.

Aside from the personal benefits, as the quote above says, without creativity there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.

Here are some words of wisdom to help ignite the creative spark in you.




a creative year picture


Innovation is defined as a new method, idea or product. One must start with creativity to achieve innovation.

Creative thinking means you experiment, try new things, break out of established patterns. And that is where the innovation lies.

Consider inventors such as the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein. The world is a better place because they spent time tinkering around, working out ways to improve things and in the process, discovered new things that changed the world.


a creative year picture


a creative year picture




Maybe changing the world is not your goal, but a creative life can give you inner peace and joy and open your mind to new learning experiences, enhancing personal growth.


a creative year picture

a creative year picture


Everyone has creativity. Did you read, Think You are Not an Artist? This is Why You’re Wrong. ?

Many have forgotten how to tap into their creativity. Or are too scared to try.


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Creativity is not a gift given to a few wonderful artists. It is something each and every one of us can enjoy. Like most things in life, it needs to be nurtured.


a creative year picture


We open the doors to creativity and immerse ourselves in the joys of creating when we lose our fear of being judged.


a creative year picture

a creative year picture



Creativity also inspires imagination, which goes hand in hand with innovation. Every invention began with someone imagining that it could be so.


a creative year picture


Imagination is equally important for personal happiness. It helps you to see positive possibilities, even when surrounded by negativity.


a creative year picture

a creative year picture


Not sure where to start? Check out the Wacky Craft Projects section of this site for lots of fun ideas, including creations just for the big kids.

Wishing you a very creative and gleeful year, Tamuria.




  • Wonderful, Tami! Each of the quotes you shared supports the others. I love the Kurt Vonnegut quote, as I was/am a big fan of his! I think I have stepped into a truly creative year…it began in the fall of last year. Joining the acappella choir and continuing my explorations with contemporary art, plus writing, are all nurturing ways to express myself and to be creative. My intention this year is to share beauty through art, music and writing with the world and to stay open to the inspirations and imaginations that show up. Thank you for always inspiring us to unleash our creativity, as like you, I truly believe that creativity will be the saviour for ourselves and for the world.

  • Great suggestions. I did in fact add a goal to be more creative this year. I love to paint with oils, watercolor and colored pencils. In the last year, I’ve neglected to spend enough time doing this great hobby. So as part of my 2018 goal setting activity, I added to spend half a day a week painting.
    Very excited.

  • I didn’t use to think I was very creative and in the last few years, I’ve embraced my creativity! I’ve painted a few times, created more colorful vision boards and started belly dancing. I don’t have little (grand) kids around yet but I’m pretty happy that I’m developing my creativity and imagination muscle.

  • Go creativity, that’s a lot of it! I love the quote that we would all stay in the same place if not for creativity. Happy New Year!

  • I do take time away from my business and am always recommending everyone I meet to do the same. Taking a few days off here and there to feed the soul makes a huge difference in our inspiration. Not to mention the creative downloads we get when we are not sitting at a desk, piling through a long list of to-do’s and feeling pressured to get more done.

  • Early on, I thought I wasn’t very good at art and that shaped my frame of reference. However, over the years I’ve noticed how more creative I’ve become in my writing and expressing myself in other ways. Thank you for all the inspirational quotes. They will be inspiring me as I write.

    • I think a lot of adults believe they are not good at being creative, often while they are doing really creative things. Good to hear you have recognised the creative in you, Joyce.

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