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Top of the morning to you, and welcome to another Wacky Workshops project,  St Patrick’s Day crafts.

These fun and easy projects use a minimum of materials – most of which you probably have on hand.

As an added bonus, there is a free, printable maze. You will find the download link at the end of the post.




The phrase, ‘the luck of the Irish’, did not actually originate in Ireland but is an old mining expression from 19th century America.

It referred to the good luck of the Irish and American Irish miners, inferring their success was more do to with luck than brains.

I’m a big believer in making my own luck. Here are 7 tips to do just that.

However, if you haven’t found your pot of gold yet, here is a fun project to make your own.


What do some wine corks and a capsicum have in common?

They both work wonderfully for shamrock stamping.


St Patrick's Day Crafts picture




St Patrick's Day Crafts picture
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Leprechauns are a protected species, under European law.

Sliabh Foy Loopit was named a protected area for leprechauns in 2010 by the EU and visitors to the area will see signs along the way announcing this.

The signs say; “Leprechauns (Little People) are protected in this area. Please tread lightly. Hunters and Fortune Seekers will be prosecuted.”



This is super easy and the accordion fold arms are great for promoting fine motor skills. Younger children may need help with cutting.


St Patrick's Day Crafts picture



  • Green, yellow and white paper. Don’t have coloured paper? Get the kids to colour it with paint or crayons first.
  • Black cardboard. You can use paper for the hat but it can end up flopping over.
  • Red wool or string
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or sticky tape
  • Google eyes – or draw your own.


  • Start by making a paper lantern with the green paper. Fold the sheet in half (shortest ends together). Cut lines from the fold to 2 -3 cm from the edge of the paper. Unfold and then roll the paper so that the longer ends overlap slightly. Glue or tape together.
  • Cut two long strips from the green paper and fold accordion-style (fold one way, then the other way) from the shortest end.
  • Glue or tape these to the lantern ‘body’ for arms.
  • Use a small bowl or tin to trace a circle on the white paper. Cut out and glue to the top of the body to make the face.
  • Cut some strips of red string or wool and glue them to the top of the face. You can cut out more to make a beard if you choose.
  • Cut out a hat shape from the black cardboard and glue it to the top of the face, allowing the ‘hair’ to stick out from under.
  • Next, cut a large bow shape from the yellow paper and glue it to the neck.
  • Cut a small square from the yellow paper – that will fit on the hat. Fold it in half and cut another square from the fold to make the hat buckle and glue it into place.
  • Cut some small half oval shapes and glue them to the end of the arms for the hands.
  • Draw on the facial features.




St Patrick's Day Crafts picture




  • If you have a paper plate on hand, it’s as easy as cutting the centre out. The easiest way is to fold the plate in half and make some cuts with scissors from the fold. Unfold the plates and place the scissors in the cuts to continue cutting out the circle. If you don’t have a plate, use a dinner plate to cut a circle from thin cardboard – paper is a little too thin and floppy for this.
  • Cut the hat and buckle shapes from paper and glue them to the top of the plate.
  • Glue a large craft stick – or even a twig – to the bottom of the mask for a handle.



Another fast, fun and easy craft, this little hat would make a cute table topper. You could add the little paper shamrock on a pipe cleaner as a name tag and fill the hat with gold chocolate coins or other goodies.


St Patrick's Day Crafts picture


And all you need for this one is paper, a cardboard roll, scissors and glue. If you want to add the paper shamrock but don’t have a pipe cleaner, attach it using thin wire, or a large paper clip straightened out.


St Patrick's Day Crafts picture


  • Cover the roll with glue.
  • Place the roll in the centre of the paper, near one of the short edges. Roll the paper, from the short end, around the cardboard tube until it overlaps slightly.
  • Cut excess paper away and glue the overlap.
  • Tuck the ends of the paper into the tube.
  • Cut a circle, slightly larger than the cardboard tube opening, from the paper and glue to the bottom of the hat.
  • Make the hat buckle and glue into place.
  • Add the paper shamrock if desired.


The gold is within arm’s reach with this fun St. Patrick’s Day Maze for your little ones.  For more creative learning resources, go to! You can even download the answer sheet.

St Patrick's day crafts picture

Happy crafting, and have a gleeful week, Tamuria.






  • What adorable craft ideas for St. Patricks Day, Tamuria. I can totally see making these hats and wear them out on St. Patty’s Day. Thanks too, for the article about making your own pot of gold. I’m sharing this with my Grandphew’s parents!

  • Cute crafts for little ones. Although I won’t be having my grandkids with me this weekend, I’ll share them with my own kids so they can have fun with their children.
    I had no idea that the phrase ” the luck of the Irish’, did not actually originate in Ireland but is an old mining expression from 19th century America. Very interesting anecdote.

    • I hope your family had the chance to try out some of the crafts, Claudette. I found it really interesting too, that the phrase ‘luck of the Irish’ didn’t come from Ireland.

  • Love them all, Tami, but especially the wall hanging leprechaun! He is wonderful and I can see how they would all be individualized depending who makes it. Although I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, this is a fun way to teach kids about the holiday in a hands-on fun way.

    • The wall handing leprechaun is a wonderful craft for children to show off their individuality, Beverley. I always love to come up with fun hands-on ways for kids to learn about the people and customs of this beautiful world.

  • Fun! My grandchildren are 1/2 Irish! They live across the ocean…they’re coming in a couple weeks, I think I’m going to make some clovers with peppers when they’re here. LOL…maybe a blend between an Easter gingerbread house and lucky clovers 🙂 Thanks for the ideas.

    • I love the idea of an Easter gingerbread house with a garden of lucky clovers, Cathy. That’s super creative. You must be so excited about your grandchildren’s visit.

  • Oh, these craft ideas of yours are so much fun! Not only do I love seeing my granddaughter have fun, but it brings out my inner child who is ready to play too! Love it!

  • Oh what fun you are having over there. I remember in my little girl days doing lots of St. Patricks day crafts and such. And of course we had to wear green or get a pinch. Do kids still do that too?

    • I’m not sure about the pinching thing but yes, lots of kids dress up in green for St Patrick’s day, Teresa. I have to admit, I do have fun with these kids crafts.

  • What terrific ideas! The bell peppers make perfect shamrocks. Outstanding! And rainbow concept…such creative minds. It’ll be sure to share so people can bookmark for next St. Paddy’s Day.

  • My favorite is the rainbow painting with a sponge projects. Looks like fun.

  • Oh my God! These are awesome craft ideas. They are unique and creative. St. Patricks Day is a big deal here in Chicago. The river is dyed green. As most of the time, I see adults having fun dressing up and getting drunk, it never dawn on me that kids can enjoy this day too through your suggested fun activities.

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