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Welcome to another Wacky Wednesdays project – how to display kids’ art.

I have some fun ideas for dealing with the mountains of art your little creators will give you.

But first, let me tell you why it is so important to display their artworks.


You want to encourage creativity in your kids, right? If you want to know some of the benefits of this, read my posts, How to Craft your Way to a Better Life and How to Draw the Line to Happiness.

Well, one of the best ways to encourage creativity is to let them know you think their art is great. The best way to do this is to put it on display.

By making their artwork so visible you are telling them you value their work and you want to see more of it.

Ever hear an adult claim they are not creative, and they can’t do art?



Somewhere along the line, those adults have lost confidence in their ability to create beautiful art.

Let’s not let that happen to our kids. Even we grandparents can bolster their confidence by displaying their wonderful creations.

I can’t tell you how many marvellous pictures I’ve been given, beautifully drawn by one of the Goddesses and depicting us having fun together. Beautiful to have those memories on display.




Give the kids some crayons or markers and they will instantly become prolific artists, producing beautiful pictures at a rate no ordinary person can keep up with.

That’s why some of my favourite display ideas are for temporary art. In other words, you can replace the art on show with new pieces, as they are created.

In my post, How to Make an Amazing 3D Card for Mum, I give instructions to make a cute and simple magnetic frame. The artwork can easily be replaced.

Another fun idea is to hang a group of clipboards on the wall. You can see how good this looks by clicking here.

Hanging a curtain rod on the wall and using ring clips to hold the pictures is another fun and useful idea.

You could also put hooks in the wall and tie wire or rope to them and use pegs.

I like to frame my favourite pictures but as so many are favourites, this can become costly.


display kids art picture
It’s easy to display kids’ art if you have a whole room dedicated to it.


Another option I favour is to laminate the pictures and attach them to the wall with Blu-Tack. This way they can be easily removed and then saved in an art book.


display kids art picture
Laminating their pictures is a good option to preserve them and they can be stuck directly to the wall using Blu-Tack.


If you invest in some magnetic sheets, you can glue the artwork to the sheet and put it straight onto your fridge. If it’s an abstract painting, you can even cut out shapes, like little hearts and give them to people.




With smartphones doubling as cameras, it has never been easier to find innovative ways to display and use children’s artwork.

Every year, I take advantage of the cheap printing choices available and create a calendar with my favourite Goddess photos. This is such a fun way to document how much they change each year. They make wonderful gifts too. I always make sure to order three so I can give one to my Mum and one to my mother-in-law.

This would also be a fun way to document the growth in artistic abilities if you used a photo of the children’s artwork. I use Vistaprint to create the calendars. They cost around $20 each. That site offers a huge range of options, such as greeting cards (you can get 10 for around $8), mugs (around $15), Tote bags ($15), even a stubby holder for dad (starts at $6) as well as T-shirts and you can even make a whole book of the child’s art.

Another fun site is Puzzles Print (this is an Australian site but a little search would find the relevant site for your area).

You simply upload a photo (of the artwork) and they will turn it into a jigsaw puzzle for you. How cool is that?

Another fun way to display kids’ artwork is to turn it into jewellery.

There are a lot of people offering this service now but you can see how cute the designs look by clicking here. I would love to have a bracelet made from Goddess artwork.

A different option is to have the art transferred to canvass which is easily done by taking a photograph of the work to a company such as Officeworks.

Please note, I am receiving no payment or bonus for mentioning these companies.




If you are trying to keep costs to a minimum, you can have the child draw directly onto a mug or plate. Click here for instructions.

Another fun and inexpensive way to display artwork is to make these sweet little picture planters.

You can find more ways to stay budget-friendly with children’s artworks in my post Save with 8 Kids Art to Great Gifts Projects.

I hope this has given you some wonderful ideas for displaying your children’s artworks.

Have a gleeful week, Tamuria.




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