picture planters picture
The perfect way to display artwork.



Welcome to another Wacky Workshops project – making Mum smile with pretty picture planters.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the challenge is to find something new that will put a smile on her face.

This usually means a bit of creativity is required but the steps in this week’s projects (yes, there’s a bonus gift idea) are so easy that all you need is the ability to glue.



picture planters picture


It’s no secret I love to recycle things – saves the pocket and the planet and makes you think creatively.

Check out my post Trash to Treasure – It’s Easy for more fun recycling ideas.
These pretty picture planters are made of old CD cases – too easy.





  • 5 clear CD cases, inserts removed.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small plant pot (I used a broken mug in mine)
  • Plant cutting
  • Small amount of soil
  • Drawings, photographs or beautiful words.


  • Place a CD case flat on your workspace.
  • Place the other four CDs in place around the first CD, forming a box with no lid and ensuring the ‘doors’ open outwards.


picture planters picture
Use the glue gun to connect the CD cases.


  • Use the glue gun to add glue to the bottom and side edges of the four CDS and to secure in place.


picture planters picture
All the doors should open out.



  • Put soil in your container and add the plant cutting. Place this inside your CD box. NB: Take the plant out when moving your box as the weight could break your CD container.
  • Measure and cut pictures/photographs/word art to fit inside each CD, and place them inside.
  • One of the real beauties of this creation is that the pictures can be changed/ updated regularly with minimum effort. Grandkids’ doing too much art? Add new pieces to the CD planter. Kids growing too fast? Keep up with their latest photographs by adding them to the planter.


picture planters picture
Update the kids’ handprints, photographs, artwork – change the picture to suit your mood or theme.


  • Add loving messages with printed or hand-drawn word art. They could change with the seasons – ‘love you Mum’, ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Happy Easter’.




It’s not really negative – that wouldn’t be great for celebrating. But it is a way to use up old photo negatives.

I still have a ton of these from the old days before my phone became my camera and everything became digital.

One of the best ways I’ve seen to use these is to pick out your best and use clear craft glue to attach them to a bedside lamp.



picture planters picture
Glue old photo negatives to a cheap bedside lamp.
picture planters picture
Such a great way to use old negatives.


Ridiculously easy and outrageously sentimental.


picture planter picture
Ah, that little face! Nearly 30 years old now – so glad to have the negatives on my lamp to inspire great memories.


Find out how to make easy and beautiful flower paintings for mum, but be warned – this project is addictive.

Check out my Pinterest Grand Mothers’ Day Board for more inspiration and check in next week for some more marvellous Mothers’ Day crafts.

Until then, happy crafting and have a gleeful week, Tamuria.



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