Welcome to another Wacky Workshops project – fairy castles and wands.

The sweet little fairy houses are for the indoor fairy.

Made from cardboard rolls and felt, they will not cope with outside weather but put a little tea light battery candle inside and you have the sweetest night light.

What I love about the wands in this project is that they are made using sticks, so have an extra whimsical feel to them.



fairy picture
Castles fit for a fairy


  • Cardboard rolls
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Box cutters
  • Glue
  • Pen
  • Artificial flowers
  • Tiny artificial flowers, gemstones and glitter, for decorating
  • Tea light battery candles


  • Place the cardboard roll on the felt and roll until there is just a small overlap.
  • Mark this with a pen and then cut the felt to fit the roll.


fairy picture
Measure the felt to fit the roll.


  • Holding the felt around the roll, draw windows and doors with a pen.
  • Use the scissors to cut these out and then cover the roll with the felt again and mark the windows and door on the roll.
  • Use scissors and box cutters to cut holes for the windows and door.
  • Cover the entire roll with glue and then the felt – matching the window/door holes on the felt to the ones on the roll.


fairy picture
Align the window and door holes on the felt and cardboard roll.


  • Cut the flower stem until it is 6 – 8 cm long, then bend in toward the bottom of the flower.
  • Glue the flower upside down onto the top of the cardboard roll.
  • Decorate with flowers and glitter, add a battery-operated candle and enjoy.


fairy picture

fairy picture
These look so sweet with the little battery candles inside.




fairy picture
Fairy wands


  • Stick – between 20 and 30 cm long
  • Ribbon Scraps
  • Wire – thin enough it is easy to bend
  • Assorted beads with the holes large enough for the wire to go through.
  • Craft glue.


  • Cut a length of wire about 40 cm long.
  • Add beads to the wire, leaving a 10 cm space on each end.
  • Wind the wire ends tightly together.
  • Opposite the join, push the wire inwards to form a heart shape.


fairy picture
Make a heart shape with the beaded wire.


  • Twist the joined wire ends around the tip of the stick.
  • Secure with craft glue and cover with a ribbon scrap.
  • Add more ribbon and beads near the top of the stick, under the beaded heart, if you choose.


Enjoy the magic!



fairy picture
Enjoy the magic.

fairy picture


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Happy crafting and have a gleeful week, Tamuria.


  • I’m so happy you stopped by my blog today because it brought me right back to yours and with this first visit, reading this first post, I KNOW, I am going to love hanging out here! 😀 I love your fairy castles and wands! AND you’ve sparked my creativity to make some of my own. I will and I’ll link back. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    • Welcome Karen, so glad you visited. I could see from your blog that you are really creative so I feel honoured to have inspired you with one of my little projects. It’s always exciting to connect with another writer/crafter/grandmother, and I’m looking forward to reading more of your life adventures too.

  • Oh my, they are so easy to make and so adorable! The top part of the wand (the heart) can be used to the castle as a decoration too! Thank you for this lovely post!


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