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George the Gingerbread man could feel the excitement in the air when he woke in his little bed in the children’s doll house.

The atmosphere was buzzing as he overheard talk of a Christmas shopping expedition.

This was an outing he did not want to miss, though he had no clue of the adventures that awaited him.


George quietly made his way to the handbag that went everywhere with the family and jumped inside.


Santa's surprise picture


The car trip was noisy and scary as he was jostled about in the bag. He had to be careful to avoid the edges of wallets and glasses cases that could break his little legs and arms.




When the car finally stopped and the family bustled outside, George peeked out of the bag to see bright lights and more people than he could imagine.

George thought maybe all the people in the world were at this shopping centre on this day.

The family’s first stop was a toy shop and George made the most of the opportunity to jump out of the bag and play.

He climbed a toy castle where he was high enough to see everything in the shop.


Santa's surprise picture


He spotted a toy truck and decided to play in that for a while.


Santa's surprise picture


Then he saw some Christmas hats and had fun playing dress-ups.


Santa's surprise picture


Next, he saw some sweet, furry animals and joined them on the shelf to see if they wanted to play.


Santa's surprise picture


They didn’t seem interested so George climbed down from the shelf and jumped back into the handbag, worried he may be left behind.




The next stop was a dress shop and George was amazed by the giant mirror there.

He had never really seen himself – only his arms and legs – and it was exciting to look at his reflection.


Santa's surprise picture


He spotted some glasses and thought they would help him see even more. But they were too big for him.


Santa's surprise picture


He decided to ask Santa for some glasses for Christmas.

George quickly jumped into the handbag before it left the shop and was taken to a coffee shop.

While the family sat down to eat and drink, George went exploring.

He saw a giant man in a white hat and climbed up his legs to get near his face and say ‘hello’. The man didn’t answer.


Santa's surprise picture



As George climbed down he spotted a woman with a funny looking shoe on her foot.

She was using a stick to help her walk and he realised she must have been injured.

Just in front of her was a toy that had fallen from some other shopper’s bag. The woman had no idea it was there and George knew he had to do something fast so she wouldn’t trip over it.

George ran over to the toy and pushed with all his might to move it away from the woman.

The toy was taller than him and the woman was close to stepping on George, but he knew he had to save her. It was the right thing to do.


Santa's surprise picture


So he pushed and pushed and moved it, and himself, just in the nick of time before being stepped on.

By now the family had left the coffee shop and George was frightened he would never find them again.

He ran this way and that until he spotted Santa sitting in a huge chair.




He ran up to Santa and told him about the adventure.

Santa, who we all know has lots of magic, listened patiently and told George not to worry.


Santa's surprise picture


George was so relieved – so far Santa was the only creature who had ever spoken to him.

“I’ve been watching and I know how you helped that lady little George,” Santa said.

“I’m very proud of you for being so kind and so brave.

“The family is just over there, waiting to get a picture with me.

“Jump back into the bag and you will get home safely.

“You will find a little present in the bag”.

George quickly jumped off Santa’s lap and ran towards the family and jumped inside the bag.

He looked around a little bit and found a beautiful pair of glasses, the perfect size for him.


Santa';s surprise picture


Later, safely at home, George was laying in the little dollhouse bed, thinking about his adventures.

He thought about how he had helped the lady and how Santa had rewarded him with his Christmas wish.

He thought about how he felt, frightened that he would be stepped on, then happy that he had done something kind.

While he loved his new little glasses George realised the real reward in being helpful was how good it made him feel about himself.


I hope you enjoyed the adventures of George the Gingerbread Man. Did you read Finding a Friend – the Adventures of George the Gingerbread Man?

You can read about George’s next adventure here.

Wishing you good deeds, good feelings and a gleeful week, Tamuria.






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